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the intentional mistreatmen or harm of another person


being responsible for one's actions and the actions of others who perform delegated tasks; answering questions about and elxplaingin one's actions and the actions of others


intentionally attempting or threatening to touch a person's body without the person's consent


touching a person's body without his or her consent

civil law

laws concerned with relationships between people


and act that biolates a criminal law

criminal law

laws concerned with offenses against the public and society in general


injuring a person's name andreputation by making false statements to a third person


to authorize another person to perofm a task


knowledge of what is right conduct and wrong conduct

false imprisonment

unlawful restrain or restriction of a person's freedom of movement


saying or doing something to trick, fool, or deceive a person

invasion of privacy

violating a person's rights to have his or her name, picture, or private affairs exposed or make public without giving consent

job description

a list of responsibilities and functions the agency expects you to perform


a rule of conduct made by a government body


making false statements in print, writing, or through pictures or drawings


negligence by a professional person


an unintentional wrong in which a person fails to act in a reasonable and careful manner and causes harm to a person or to the person's property


the duty or obligation to perform some act or function


making false statements orally

standard of care

the skills, care, and judgment required by the health team member under similar conditions


a function, procedure, activity, or work that dows not require an RN's professional knowledge or judgment


a legal statement of how a person wants property distributed after death

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