Which report summarizes what a company has earned, and the expenses incurred to earn the income?
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Sales transactions relate to:CustomersWhat does the My Accountant enable you to do?Provide your accountant administrative access to your QuickBooks Online company.Which Navigation Bar selection displays credit card balances?BankingTo view the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online, select:Accounting from the Navigation Bar.The Banking screen provides the following information except:Sales Transactions.Which QBO Navigation Bar selection provides information about vendor transactions?ExpensesWhich of the following QBO Navigation Bar selections would NOT provide information about customers and customer transactions?ExpensesThe QuickBooks Online (+) New icon lists various transactions that can be created. It is commonly used for all of the following transaction types except:ReportsWhich option appears on the (+) New screen?* All the choices are correct: Invoice, Pay Bills, Journal EntryQuickBooks Online is updated only once a year when a new version is issued.FALSEWhy is it important to align QuickBooks Online with a company's legal entity and tax information?The type of legal entity a business uses impacts the equity accounts needed and the tax form filed by the business.