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how does the immune system recognize self from non-‐self?

glycoprotein (ID tags) on
cells membrane.

Lack of response

immune suppression; ex/ AIDS

Incorrect response

functioning immune system, but recognizing the wrong cells)= autoimmune diseases; ex/ multiple sclerosis

overactive response

sensitive to any sort of invaders; ex/ allergies and asthma


acquired immunity aka specific immune response; targets specific invaders


big eaters


eat bacteria; short lifespan(lives for few days)


degranulate(secretes granules) to induce response


destroy large invaders such as worms


releases granules, which contains chemicals that activate multiple pathways, into extracellular fluid


cells that eat invaders by engulfing their target

plasma proteins

are in blood and are inactive until signaled by chemicals released during inflammation

MAC (membrane attack complex)

is the final product after the activation and release of 30+ plasma protein

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