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  1. T or F If a small puncture is noticed in a surgical glove during surgery, it is okay to leave it until surgery is complete
  2. T or F When drying your hands after a surgical scrub you should use one side of the sterile towel for one hand and arm and the opposite side for the other hand and arm.
  3. How many inches must the fold of each drape be placed from the edge of the proposed incision site
  1. a T
  2. b F
  3. c 1-2 inches

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  1. paramedian incision
  2. F
  3. T
  4. T
  5. F

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  1. Which of the following best describes putting on a sterile surgical gown?
    a. If folded correctly it is possible to pick up and put on your sterile gown without touching it.
    b. An assistant should reach over your shoulder to grab the ties of the gown.
    c. You must always glove before touching your sterile gown.
    d. You should pick up your sterile gown from inside the sleeves only.


  2. Marks: 1 A tattoo is placed in the _______ of animals that have been surgically altered.paracostal incision


  3. T or F When wearing sterile gloves the OR nurse must ensure the gloves only contact sterile objects and remain above waist and table level.F


  4. This incision may start and stop anywhere from sternum to pelvic brimventral midline incision


  5. When clipping the patient for surgical prep if it is done improperly it can result in _______ , which can cause a lot of irritation to the patientb