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  1. When prepping a patient for surgery how many times should the scrub be repeated?
  2. this incision is oriented parallel to the last rib
  3. T or F It is okay to see some undraped table between the patient and the mayo stand
  4. Tattoos are made of three parts. List and describe
  5. T or F When performing a surgical scrub it is important to scrub your hands and arms vigorously with the scrub brush.
  1. a F (The important thing is contact time with the antiseptic scrub - it is important to ensure the antiseptic has enough time to kill bacteria on the skin surface (generally about 5 minutes of contact time is needed)- you do not need to scrub vigorously. Over zealous scrubbing can damage the skin and may actually expose microbes from deeper tissues layers to surface.)
  2. b 1. Two letters: indicates clinic or org. that placed tatto 2. Single Letter: indicates year tattoo placed 3. Number: indicates chronological placement in logbook
  3. c 3
  4. d F
  5. e paracostal incision

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  1. right ear
  2. T
  3. d
  4. F
  5. b

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  1. This insion can be performed on a standing or recumbant animalparacostal incision


  2. How many inches must the fold of each drape be placed from the edge of the proposed incision siteventral midline incision


  3. When a sterile member of the surgical team is performing their scrub prior to surgery the contact time with the antiseptic must be how long (ie. how long should a surgical scrub take)?5 mins


  4. T or F All surgery team members near the patient should put on a cap and mask prior to starting the patient prep (including anesthetists)T ( Although most important for a spay to increase the space in the abdomen, if any animal urinates during surgery it will soak the drapes and could cause strike through.)


  5. This incision may start and stop anywhere from sternum to pelvic brimparacostal incision


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