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  1. T or F All surgery team members near the patient should put on a cap and mask prior to starting the patient prep (including anesthetists)
  2. T or F It is okay to see some undraped table between the patient and the mayo stand
  3. Tattoos are made of three parts. List and describe
  4. Exercise is restricted in small animals for up to ____ days to allow incisions to heal.
  1. a T
  2. b 1. Two letters: indicates clinic or org. that placed tatto 2. Single Letter: indicates year tattoo placed 3. Number: indicates chronological placement in logbook
  3. c F
  4. d 14

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  1. F
  2. isopropyl alcohol
  3. T
  4. F
  5. betadine scrub

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  1. When prepping a patient for surgery how many times should the scrub be repeated?3


  2. T or F The surgery table needs to be positioned on the lowest setting to facilitate lifting the patient onto the table.T


  3. When clipping the patient for surgical prep if it is done improperly it can result in _______ , which can cause a lot of irritation to the patientclipper burn


  4. When a sterile member of the surgical team is performing their scrub prior to surgery the contact time with the antiseptic must be how long (ie. how long should a surgical scrub take)?5 mins


  5. When preparing a patient for surgery which of the following could be used for the final prep?
    Choose one answer. a. betadine scrub
    b. chlorhexidine solution
    c. chlorhexidine scrub
    d. isopropyl alcohol