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  1. Exercise is restricted in small animals for up to ____ days to allow incisions to heal.
  2. T or F Surgical records are part of the permanent record for the patient. This makes them a legal document.
  3. This incision may start and stop anywhere from sternum to pelvic brim
  4. Marks: 1 A tattoo is placed in the _______ of animals that have been surgically altered.
  5. This incision cuts through each abdominal muscle layer rather than the linea alba
  1. a right ear
  2. b T
  3. c ventral midline incision
  4. d 14
  5. e paramedian incision

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  1. clipper burn
  2. F
  3. T
  4. double gloving
  5. 5 mins

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  1. T or F A bactericial disinfectant is the idea solution to use for the final prep before surgery in order to kill bacteria on the skin.F


  2. Tattoos are made of three parts. List and describeparacostal incision


  3. Which of the following best describes putting on a sterile surgical gown?
    a. If folded correctly it is possible to pick up and put on your sterile gown without touching it.
    b. An assistant should reach over your shoulder to grab the ties of the gown.
    c. You must always glove before touching your sterile gown.
    d. You should pick up your sterile gown from inside the sleeves only.


  4. This insion can be performed on a standing or recumbant animalflank incision


  5. T or F The surgery table needs to be positioned on the lowest setting to facilitate lifting the patient onto the table.T