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The lavatory palpebrae superioris and the lavator annuli oris are muscles of the_____
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The word integument means _____Natural coveringWhich body system is comprised of the skin and its accessory organs?Integumentary systemThe muscles that turn the hand inward so the palm faces downward are the _____PronatorsThe bone that forms the back of the skull above the nape is the ____OccipitalWhich of the following is part of the lymphatic system?Thymus glandWhat are the seven bones in the ankle area collectively called?The tarsalsThe inner and larger bone of the forearm, attached at the wrist and located on the side of the little finger, is the ____UlnaA cosmetologist is designing a new eye make up style for a client. Which bones will affect the appearance of the eye make up that is applied?The zygomatic bones and the lacrimal bonesWhich of the body's systems functions to remove waste material from the body cells to the blood?Lymphatic systemWhat happens during mitosis?A cell reproduces by dividing into two identical cells.What is the function of cervical vertebrae?To give support and structure to the neckIdentify the body system that controls the movement of blood throughout the bodyCirculatory systemwhich statement best describes the relationship between organs and body functions?An organ is a group of tissues that performs a specific function, whereas a body system is a group of organs that works together to preform functions.A cosmetologist is discussing possible treatments for dry scalp with a client. In order to make informed decisions about scalp treatments, which body system should the cosmetologist understand?Integumentary systemA cosmetologist is discussing possible treatments for dry scalp with a client. In order to make informed decisions about scalp treatments, which body system should the cosmetologist understand?Integumentary systemThe division of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle actions in the _____Central nervous systemWhich part of a cell controls the growth and reproduction of the cell?NucleusThe gland like structures in the immune system that filter bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells are called____Lymph nodesWhat is the function of the integumentary system?The integumentary system provides protective covering and regulates body temperature.Choose the body system that functions to regulate the body's temperatureIntegumentary systemThe middle part of the muscle is called the ___BellyThe basic units of all living things are___CellsIdentify a function of the lymphatic systemDefend the body against toxins and bacteria, and remove by-products of infection, such as puss and dead tissue.What muscle action is controlled by the automatic nervous system and controls body functions such as breathing and digestionInvoluntary musclesAfter an initial consultation what a new, middle aged client, a cosmetologist learns that the client has noticed that thinning hair has been improving. When asked if there is anything different in the clients routine, the client indicates recently starting estrogen hormone replacement therapy. In order to understand whether these two situations may be connected, which body system should the cosmetologist be knowledgeable about?Endocrine systemSelect the body system that includes the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands.Endocrine systemThe main arteries that supply blood to the head, neck, and face are the___common carotid arteriesWhich part of the skeletal system has the function of protecting the brain?CraniumHow is anatomy different from physiology?Anatomy is the study of structure of the human body, whereas physiology is the study of the activities of those structuresWhich scenario is an example of a situation in which a cosmetologist should understand the endocrine.A pregnant woman shows signs of a skin condition. That is related to increased levels of the hormones estrogen and progesteroneWhich of these sets of bones is found in the arms and hands?Phalanges, metacarpus, and radiusWhich of the following best describes a function of the integumentary system?Protect the body against outsiders elements, such as germs, chemicals, and exposure to the sun.The part of the skeletal system that connects the sternum and 5e scapula is the ___ClavicleA cosmetologist is performing a hand massage during a manicure service . Which scenario describes a correct approach?When massaging the opponens, pressure is directed from the muscles insertion to the origin.Which description best defines a motor nerve?Motor nerves carry impulses from the brain to the muscles or glands.The bone that is the larger of two leg bones below the knee and that supports most of the body's weight is theTibiaStructures composed of specialized tissues that perform specific functions are called__OrgansWhich muscle causes wrinkles across the forehead?FrontailsWhich of the following scenarios of a possible cosmetology task is a situation in which a cosmetologist needs knowledge of the metacarpus and the phalanges?A cosmetologist is massaging a clients hands during a manicure serviceDuring an initial manicure consultation, a cosmetologist learns that a client is being treated by a health care provider for a condition that limits the ability of the nervous system to process sensory information.which of the following is an example of a way the cosmetologist might change the planned services in response to this information?The cosmetologist should be careful with hot water to avoid accidentally burning the client.