Word Wisdom UNIT 2 TEST terms

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scantyinadequate; minimalcopiousabundant; plentifulmoderateaveragerationto divide and distribute evenlyincrementan increase, addition or gain, often by regular, consecutive amountsallocateto assignmultitudea large indefinite numberaccrue(v.) to grow or accumulate over time; to happen as a natural resultdwindlediminish gradually in size, amount, or strengthdecimateto kill or destroy a large part ofgaugeto estimate or measure (v)partialincomplete (adj)extentdegree or scope (n)altitudeElevation above sea level (n)monitorTo watch closely and frequently; to observe and make note (v)consolidateto combine, unite; to make solid or firm (v)massA measure of how much matter is in an object (n)barometerAn instrument that measures atmospheric pressure (n)standardexact, agreed-upon quantity used for comparison (n)forecasta simple prediction of the future (n)

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