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  1. ponerse
  2. ducharse
  3. aceptar
  4. raer
  5. pertenecer
  1. a
    to take a shower
  2. b
    to accept
  3. c
    to put on, to become
  4. d
    to scrape, to rub off, to erase, to wipe out
  5. e
    to pertain, to appertain, to belong

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  1. to please, to gratify

  2. to remember

  3. to inscribe, to record, to register

  4. to get wet

  5. to bless

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  1. sostener
    to hold, to sustain, to support, to maintain, to uphold


  2. mentir
    to have


  3. bautizar
    to yawn


  4. llamar
    to wear, to carry, to take


  5. gruñir
    to grunt; to growl