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  1. tropezar
  2. ofrecer
  3. salir
  4. pisar
  5. bullir
  1. a
    to stumble, to blunder
  2. b
    to offer
  3. c
    to bustle, to hustle, to boil
  4. d
    to leave, to go out
  5. e
    to stand on, step on

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  1. to occur

  2. to clean oneself

  3. to hurry

  4. to be frightened

  5. to have breakfast

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  1. bostezar
    to show, to point out


  2. nacer
    to scrape, to rub off, to erase, to wipe out


  3. morder
    to bite


  4. desempeƱar
    to begin, to start


  5. navegar
    to earn, to gain, to win