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  1. encerrar
  2. saltar
  3. herir
  4. bañarse
  5. apoderarse
  1. a
    to take power (take possession)
  2. b
    to enclose, to lock up, to confine
  3. c
    to bathe oneself
  4. d
    to harm, to hurt, to wound
  5. e
    to jump, to leap, to hop, to spring

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  1. to navigate, to sail

  2. to make fun of

  3. to distinguish

  4. to comb one's hair

  5. to knock down, overthrow, demolish

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  1. pertenecer
    to refill, to fill again, to stuff


  2. certificar
    to certify (register a letter)


  3. viajar
    to call (to name)


  4. secarse
    to change one's clothes, to change one's place of residence, to move


  5. limpiar
    to stand on, step on