24 terms

APUSH Chapter 25

Chapter 25 vocab terms.
American Protective Association
anti-Catholic society against Catholic immigration
Booker T. Washington
promoted self-help for blacks; teacher - Tuskegee Institute
Charles Darwin
naturalist; theory of evolution; natural selection; On the Origin of Species
W.E.B. DuBois
activist; help from others for blacks - NAACP
William James
psychologist; philosopher; PRAGMATISM; author
Henry George
political economist - land value tax
Horatio Alger
author; mostly juvenile novels - most famous - Ragged Dick
Mark Twain
author, humorist, "father of American literature" - Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer
Carrie Chapman Catt
women's suffrage leader; twice President of NAWSA
chain of roughly continuous metropolitan areas
settlement house
houses that provided services, shelter, etc.; Hull House
practical; logical; meaning and trust; William James
yellow journalism
eye-catching headlines, exaggerated stories; sensationalism; Pulitzer & Hearst
favoritism to native-borns over immigrants
Hull House
settlement house founded by Jane Addams in Chicago; Ellen Gates Starr
Dwight Moody
Evangelical preacher; helped immigrants & street people
Jane Addams
founded first settlement house - Hull House
Mary Baker Eddy
founder of Christian Science movement
Florence Kelley
social & political reformer; childrens' rights; socialist; NAACP
New Immigration
Eastern European immigrants; mainly Catholic & Orthodox; held onto culture
Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
female group in support of prohibition
Comstock Law
illegal to send "obscene" material through the mail
Morrill Act
allowed for creation of land grant colleges
Chautauqua Movement
adult education movement