Nursing Fluid & Electrolytes

Hyponatremia S/S
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Hypokalemia causes*Inadequate intake of K+ *ETOH abuse *CHF/HTN *GI Loss-V&D *Renal Loss *Diuretics-Loop: Furosemide (Lasix) Bumetadine (Bumex)Hyperkalemia causes*Metabolic acidosis *Dehydration *Excess potassium intake *Potassium sparing diuretics *Tissue damage-Burns (K+ goes out of cell) *Renal FailureHypocalcemia causes*ETOH abuse *Pancreatitis *Chronic renal failure Inadequate intake *Decreased Vitamin D (Sunshine) *Lack of weight bearing *Loop Diuretics *Hypomagnesemia 1qHypercalcemia causes*Prolonged immobilization *Dehydration *Cancer *Excess Antacid IntakeHypomagnesemia causes*Chronic Alcoholism *GI Loss-V&D *Impaired absorption *Renal Disease *PancreatitisHypermagnesmia causes*Dehydration *Severe metabolic acidosis *Renal Failure *Tissue traumaPh7.35-7.45