20 terms

Sewing Machine functions and parts

Identifying parts of the sewing machine and what their function is.
bobbin case
Holds the bobbin and applies tension to the bobbin thread
the underneath side of the fabric
bobbin winder
Winds the thread onto the bobbin
drop feed button
lowers the feed dog so that the fabric will not be fed under the pressure foot
feed dog
moves the fabric under the presser foot
hand wheel
turns to raise or lower the needle and thread take-up lever
needle clamp screw
holds the needle in place
power and light switch
turns on the machine.
presser foot lever
holds the fabric in place as the machine stitches
presser foot screw
holds the presser foot in place
pressure regulator
adjusts the amount of pressure the presser foot applies to the fabric
reverse stitch control
allows the machine to back-stitch
spool pin
holds the spool of thread
stitching guidelines
keep edge of fabric aligned so seam allowances will be uniform in width
stitch length control
adjusts the number of stitches per inch
stitch selector
changes the type of stitches
stitch width control
adjusts the width of zigzag and other two-dimensional stitches
take-up lever
pulls the thread from the spool and throug the tension regulator
thread guides
guide the thread from the spool to the needle
throat plate
covers the area around the needle