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Identifying parts of the sewing machine and what their function is.

bobbin case

Holds the bobbin and applies tension to the bobbin thread


the underneath side of the fabric

bobbin winder

Winds the thread onto the bobbin

drop feed button

lowers the feed dog so that the fabric will not be fed under the pressure foot

feed dog

moves the fabric under the presser foot

hand wheel

turns to raise or lower the needle and thread take-up lever

needle clamp screw

holds the needle in place

power and light switch

turns on the machine.

presser foot lever

holds the fabric in place as the machine stitches

presser foot screw

holds the presser foot in place

pressure regulator

adjusts the amount of pressure the presser foot applies to the fabric

reverse stitch control

allows the machine to back-stitch

spool pin

holds the spool of thread

stitching guidelines

keep edge of fabric aligned so seam allowances will be uniform in width

stitch length control

adjusts the number of stitches per inch

stitch selector

changes the type of stitches

stitch width control

adjusts the width of zigzag and other two-dimensional stitches

take-up lever

pulls the thread from the spool and throug the tension regulator

thread guides

guide the thread from the spool to the needle

throat plate

covers the area around the needle

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