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What is an ecosystem and why are they fragile?

An ecosystem is a group of plants and animals that depend on each other for survival. They are fragile because if one animal dies out, the other animals will not have food and they will die out. Every part of an ecosystem has an important role.

What is the difference between a renewable and non-renewable energy resource? Be sure to provide examples of each and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each type of resource.

A renewable energy source is one that the Earth replaces naturally, like solar and wind power. A non-renewable resource is a resource that can't be replaced, such as coal and petroleum.

+ of wind: powers turbines to create power
- of wind: not always plentiful

+ of solar: can heat water or homes
- of solar: pannels can be $$$

+ of coal: creates electricity at power plants
- of coal: doesnt burn cleanly

+ of petroleum: used to make fuels
- of petroleum: can harm wildlife

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