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OK so I know there is already a set for ch 3 but i am making this off of his notes on his website and what he said in my class (4th period). I'm sorry a lot of the stuff is out of order btw


2 early English colonies failed, but ______ survived partly because of individual effort and hard work

Spanish Armada

After the defeat of this, England was free to colonize North America

Richard Hakluyt

___________ _________ urges England to start colonies

export, raw, Protestant

Colonies would provide: market for English ______, source of ___ materials, establish _____ faith in Americas

economic, religious persecution, freedom

English colonists go to America b/c: to seek ______ opportunity, escape _______ ________ and achieve religious _______ (for themselves)


Sir Walter ______ begins colony on Roanoke island, Virginia


Native Americans cut off Roanoke settlers' food supply, so settlers return to ______


at the second Roanoke colony, the colonists _______, never found out what happened


_______ colony faces hardship (1607) so return to england


Sir Walter ______ is the only one to invest money in Roanoke, so when it fails, he loses his investment

frontier techniques

colonists lack _______ ________, so have difficulty surviving

wealth, profit

Roanoke fails because colonies must create own ______ instead of exploiting country/natives, and the wealth of no one man was enough for the colony to survive to the point where it would produce ____

joint-stock compnay

To raise money for colonies, turn to _____-____ _______, which is backed by investors, who split profits and losses. Make Virginia company of London, Virginia Company of Pymouth


Virginia company is given ______, so finances expedition to Chesapeake Bay

religious, social, economic

Hakluyt's reasons for wanting England to start colonies: _____, so they can convert people to Protestant. _______, because enclosure of farm fields for shep herding and influx of American gold causes food prices to rise but wages stay the same. _______, need for outlets for capitol, and need raw material


enough money to buy more supplies for colony


chespapeake Bay expedition starts _______, and settlers face disease and harsh weather


Jamestown settlers told they would find ____, so they waste time searching


The colonists don't think they'll be staying in Jamestown, they just want to find gold and leave, but they waste time searching instead of focusing on _____

decayed, paupers, Native Americans

Over half of Jamestown colonists die b/c of the inadequecy of settlers- some were ______ gentlemen, and others were urban ________. Inefficient management by bickering council memebers, and b/c of this, no food/supllies are grown, so tehy have to take from the ________ _________, who become hostile

company, gold

Another reason Jamestown settlers died was because the settlers had to work for the ______, not for them selves. This reduces incentive, so settlers start looking for ___ so they can leave

John Smith, Powhatan, disorganized

____ ____ comes to Jamestown. Although he has no frontier techniques, he has experience and assigns responsibilities. also trades with _______ tribe. He goes back and then returns and finds that barely any of the colonists survived b/c once he left they became ______ again

Warr, tobacco

Lord De La _____ imposes discipline, and the settlers start growing _______

tobacco, private, indentured servants, Burgesses

reasons for Jamestown success: 1. Start growing stable crop, _______. 2. transition to _______ ownership. 3. Have growing labor supply- _______ ______. 4. Governing council goes to House of __________

fees/tax, James, royal colony

The disolution of virginia company: 2 reasons: 1. conflict over ___/___ duties. 2. Becomes weakened b/c of death rate, caused by inexperience and weak defense against Native Americans. King _____ I seizes colony and it becomes a _____ ______

Rolfe, Pocahontas

Relations with Powhatan grow worse bcause settlers take land, so to improve relations John _____ marries the chief;s daughter, _________

25, resent

__% of white men in English colonies are indentured srvants, and they _____ wealthy landowners


The problem was that when indentured servants became free there was no ____ for them

Rolfe, Pocahontas

to make better the relations with Powhatan, John _____ marries ______

25, wealthy

__% of white men in English colonies are indentured servants and they resent ______ landowners

Bacon, Berkely

Nathaniel ____, who is wealthy, accuses governor William _____ of favoring wealthy

Native Americans

Bacon wants to start war against ______ ______ to get more land

Jamestown, Bacon's Rebellion

Bacon burns Jamestown, this is ________ ___________

governor, power

Bacon and followers are killed, and House of Burgesses make new laws to prevent _____ from taking too much ___


Bacon's Rebellion brought House of Burgesses closer to being a ______

Pilgrims, Separatists

_______ were _______ who were persecuted so they left the church of England and sailed to America

Mayflower Compact, self, majority, Squatter's Agreement

Pilgrims write ________ ______, says that they will obey rules, and establishes idea of ___ government and _______ rule. AKA ________ ________


_____ plays a large role in settlement aand government of New England colonies

Pawtuxet, treaty, terminated

Pilgrims befriend Squanto, a ______, and Samoset. Sets up _____ between colonists and Native Americans. After Squanto dies, this is ______

Massachusetts Bay Colony

In __________ ____ __________, if you are not a Puritan, your rights and voice are suppressed.

Great Migration

This movement of puritans is called the _____ _______


First governor of MBC John Winthrop sets up ___________

congregation, town

basic unit of commonwealth is ________. This sets up own _____, and each of these has form of self-government

New England way, read

Puritans follow "__ _______ ___": ____ ethic helps growth of colonies, and all children are required to learn to ____

Thomas Hooker, Connecticut, representative

________ _____ adopts Fundamental Orders of _______: extends voting rights to non-church members, limits governor power, expands idea of ________ government


______ is first European settlement in new Hampshire

Williams, intolerance, Rhode Island

Roger _______, minister in Salem, publishes "Bloody Tenent of Persecution", indicates that MBC has religious ________. He is forced to leave the colony, and founds _____ ______ AKA Rogue Island


Anne ______ believes you can worship without church, Bible


_____ believe everyone has an Inner Light, and that all people are equal

Philip, individuals, everyone

King ____ was actually a Native American named Metacomet. To Europeans, land is owned by _______. To Native Americans, land is owned by ______.

King Philip's

_____ ______ War: war between Puritans and Native Americans. Native Americans lose, forced to become workers and English settle farther into Native American lands


Salem witch trials show how society makes _____ out of people

tobacco, rice, cotton, indigo

South has good soil and cash crops are ________, ____, _____, _____

harbors, subsistence

New England has ______ but bad soil. Are _______ farmers


Middle Colonies produce this crop, which helped in Civil War


Dutch are ok with religious freedom, but no ________


Dutch found New Netherland, includes _____ River Valley, Long Island, land along Delaware River.


Dutch have ______ system. Each one of these brings 50 people, get land grant. Africans (slaves/indentured servants), Jews, Puritans come


New England governor Peter Stuyvesant attack New _____, wants to add land to New Netherland, place they attack surrenders

York, trade, geographically

Duke of ____ is supposed to drive Dutch out of New Netherland because Dutch colonies threaten England's _____, and Dutch colonies _______ divide English colonies


New Netherland surrenders to England and Duke of York makes it into ______ colony

New Jersey, representative

Duke of York gives __ _____ to friends/ Promise settlers religious freedom, land grants, _______ assembly

Penn, Pennsylvania

William ____ joins Quakers and from a previous debt from king, receives large piece of land, turns it into ________ for Quakers

Three Lower Counties

____ _____ ________ join together and form Delaware

tobacco, rice, indigo

southern colonies- Maryland, the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia, grow _______, ____, ______


"blue gold"


Lord Baltimore establishes Maryland for Roman _______

Toleration Act

Maryland has __________ ___; promise of freedom of religion. Passed this because Protestant were becoming the majority population

Virginia and Maryland

Which 2 colonies' economies were based on tobacco?

royal colony

Maryland eventually becomes a _____ ______ because Lord Baltimore has difficulty holding on to it

George Calvert

Who was Lord Baltimore?

rice, indigo, African

Carolina grows ____ and ______ and uses _______ slave labor because rice requires hard labor

Charles Town

First Carolina settlement


colonists overthrow Carolina's _______ rule and it becomes a royal colony. It divides into North and South Carolina


Hlaf of South Carolina's population is ______, since they grow rice, which is hard work


Georgia was a ______ colony. People have money, so tehy help debtors


Georgia was founded to help ______ get a fresh start

Spain, English

During English-Spanish war, ____ tries to oust out _____ colonies but fails. Georgia was used as a buffer against Spanish


James ________ founds Georgia, and all religions welcome. His strict rules upset colonists, so King makes it a royal colony


Savannah, Georgia was important because it was a ____

slaves, rum, Catholics

Oglethorpe outlawed ______, ___, _________

New England, Middle, Southern

There are 3 regions: ___ ______ colonies, ______ colonies, ________ colonies


_________- region along Appalachian Mountains

cold, rocky, English

New England- ____ weather, _____ soil, mostly ______ settlers

short, fertile, Europe

Middle Colonies- ____ winters, _______ soil, settlers from all over ______

warm, good, African

Southern colonies- ____ climate, ____ soil, use enslaved ________ labor

vary, Scots

Backcountry- climate and resources _____, many _____-Irish

churches, theocracy, landowners

MBC gives land to ______, and they start a congregation. Town becomes ______. People who vote are _________


Short growing season causes New Englanders to do __________ farming

Fishing, lumber

_______ is the main economic activity in New England. For ships, they harvest ______


_______ cities like Salem, Boston, New Haven, Newport grow rich

other, Europe, triangular

New England has 3 types of trade: with _____ colonies, direct exchange of goods with ______, and the _______ trade

Africa, Indies, molasses

Trianggular trade has 3 stops: In ______, trade goods for slaves, in West _____, trade slaves for sugar and ______. Take sugar and _______ (same as blank before this) back o New England

Navigation, ships, ports,

England passes _______ Acts to get $ from colonial trade. use English _____, or this made in English colonies. Sell products only to England and it's colonies. European imports to colonies must pass through English _____. English officials tax colonial goods that aren't being shipped to England


for England, colonies were for _______

trade, smuggling

b/c of toleration acts, England has a _____ war, and people start ________


Indentured servants don't come to the colonies anymore because now there are ____ in England

German, Middle

Dutch and _____ farmers bring farming techniques to ______ colonies


Place where grain is ground up to make meal and flour


colonists in Middle colonies have a lot of ______ in their diet

women, slavery

Quakers believe men and ______ are equal, have them as preachers. Quakers also protest ______


what % of middle colonies population is enslaved?


in NYC, who do Africans assist?


the South was ideal for ______ crops


People who watch over slaves while they work

Magna Carta

in 1215, King John is forced to accept _____ ______ (Great Charter). Grants rights to English noblemen/freemen

property, witnesses, peers

One of the rules of the Magna Carta was that people cannot have ______ seized by the king or his officials. In most cases, you cannot be taxed unless the council agrees. You cannot be put on trial without ______, and can only be punished by jury of _____


England's chief lawmaking body


members of house of ______ are elected by the people


members of House of _____ are nonelected


England has authority over _____ governments

Glorious Revolution

What was it called when King James is overthrown by Parliament, and William and Mary take over the throne?


Who led the Glorious Revolution? Oliver ______


William and Mary uphold the English Bill of ______

Parliament, punishment, complain

The English bill of Rights says that: monarch cannot cancel laws. monarch cannot impose taxes unless _______ agrees. There are free elections, frequent meetings of Parliament. Excessive fines and cruel ________ forbidden. People can ________ to monarch without being arrested


William and Mary establish government based on law, not ______ of ruler

Massachusetts, power, Salutary Neglect

After Glorious Revolution, __________ regains self government, but still have a king-appointed royal governor. Governor, his council, colonial assembly share _____. Royal governor can strike down laws, but if he does, then assembly might refuse to pay him. England has little involvement in colonial affairs- _______ ________. Governors rarely enforce certain laws, so colonists feel independent.

Zenger, press

John Peter ______ helps colonists move towards freedom of ____

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