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What contributes to England's economic wealth?


Define balance of trade

export more than import

What did the navigation acts promote?

"wealth, strength, safety of english kingdom

With the navigation acts eurpoean goods that were destined to colonies were...

routed to England first

Colonial products carried on ships were...

built/owned by england

With the navigation acts, restricted certain colonial products....

to be exported only to england

What were the positive economic effects of the Navigation acts on the colonies

-monopoly to southern colonies on sle of tobacco -new england ship builders and manufacturing **england vessels only

What were the negative effects of the navigation acts on the colonies?

goods must stop in england first, discourages trade with other nations - caused smuggling

Taxes were not seriously enforced until.....

after the french and indian war

define salutary neglect

plicy that england allowed its colonies freedom in governing themselves

Why did the english practice salutary neglect with her colonies

existing economic bad politics of the colonies already served british interests

who was the glorious revolution associated with?

James II

who was disliked in both colonies and England?

James II

English government ______ Massacusett's colony in 1684 making it _____

revoked... making it a royal colony

King James authorized _________________-

the Dominion of New England

What did the Dominion of New England do?

It imposed taxes on colonists without consent and Abolished Massacusets General court

Where did the glorious revolution take place?

in england

What happened idn the glorious Revolution?

king james II kicked off throne and daughter mary and william take over

Why did the glorious revolution take place?

because they do not like when the king told them what to do (protestand parliament)

What effect did the Glorious revolution have on the Massachusetts colony?

colonists used events in England to rid themselves of hated officaials and re establish representative assemblies in America -established that royal powe rflowed from consent of parliament not from will of god through the monarch

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