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inactive genes
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transductionconverting ONE form of energy into ANOTHER -receive, transform, deliverpsychophysicsstudy of the relationship between physical stimuli and our psychological experience of themabsolute thresholdthe weakest amount of stimuli needed to produce a sensation -the stimuli that is detected 50% of the time -humans and different species of animals have different onesdifference thresholdsmallest amount of difference in a stimulus you can detect; JND: just noticeable differencesubliminal perceptionbrief auditory or visual messages -presented below absolute threshold -so weak we do not notice them consciouslysignal detection theorylooks at how and when we detect presence of stimulus amid background stimulation -based on experience, motivation, and alertness -some stimuli can interfere with your ability to do certain taskssensory adaptation-our senses adjust to new stimulation -typically we adjust to ¨one level¨ then notice deviations from that ¨level¨emotional adaptationcategories for theories of emotion -physiological: responses within the body cause emotions -neurological: brain activity causes emotional responses -cognitive: thoughts form emotions