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What describes the variability in a service's quality?
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Emma manages a Sleepy Night Inn. She knows from experience that last-minute customers will call after 8 p.m. each evening looking for a room and asking the price. Katrine has empowered her staff to offer discounts when the motel is largely vacant, and to quote the standard price when the motel is close to full. She knows her service is ________, meaning that if no one stays in the room, it generates no revenue that evening.
Garden Fare is considered the best vegetarian restaurant in town, with an elegant dining area, extensive wine list, and gourmet chef. People wait months to reserve a table. Last Friday, Fred took a large group to Garden Fare, and almost every diner sent their entrée back to the kitchen. Garden Fare was experiencing a(n) ________gap in service quality.
When choosing where to eat lunch, Hermione looks for restaurants where she will be seated promptly and served quickly. For her, ________ is the most important of the five service quality dimensions.responsivenessAmanda was looking for a venue for her parents' surprise anniversary party. When she visited one potential location, she noticed that the landscaping was not complete, and there was stained carpet in the lobby. Which of the service quality factors caused Amanda to select an alternative venue?tangiblesUptown Bank uses a complex polling system coupled with a customer response measurement system to assess consumers' responses to new products and services. Uptown Bank is using a(n) ________ program to improve service quality and service offerings.voice-of-customerBea knows from reviewing customer complaints that service quality at the hotel she manages is not consistently meeting customers' expectations, and she believes the biggest problem is that her employees are not sure what is expected of them. To improve service quality, Bea shouldset specific, measurable service goals based on customers' expectations.When Mila arrived at the newly opened hair styling salon and saw that the floor had not been swept of hair and there were dirty towels on one of the chairs, she chose to go elsewhere. A dirty store was not in Mila's ________, which is the difference between what she really wants and what she will accept before looking for another of toleranceEach week, Vista Bus Company posts on its internal employee website a photo and short article about its Driver of the Week. This recognition is an example ofemployee incentives.By changing a standard from "be nice to customers" to "greet every customer with a smile," a services marketing manager has created a(n) ________goal.measurableAlix knows her restaurant is understaffed today. She is hoping to get through the day without falling below her customers' ________, the difference between what her customers want and what they will accept before going of toleranceAll the following are recommended strategies for service recovery exceptsilencing an irate customer.Sal was told there was no hotel room available for him although he had a guaranteed reservation. The hotel then made him a reservation at a more expensive hotel and expected him to pay the difference in room rates. Sal was upset because, in his opinion, the hotel's solution did not incorporatedistributive fairness.