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The Iliad

Quarter 2 The Iliad Test Review
Why does Achilles want vengeance?
Hector killed Achilles' best friend Partoclus.
Hector is torn between what two duties?
Protection of his family and his duty as the Prince of Troy.
What are two reasons that King Priam gives to try to convince Hector to come inside the gates of Troy?
1. No one will be king if Hector dies.
2. If hector dies, Troy will, because he is the defender.
What previous advice from a soldier (name him) helps Hector make his bad decision (to continue to fight)?
Polydamas tells Hector to get back in the walls of Troy.
If Achilles would agree, what hope does Hector have? (not for the return of his body)?
Not much hope because half of Troy's wealt will be taken and Helen of Troy.
Why does Achilles not agree to the Plan (to return Hector's body to the Trojans)?
He wants vengeance on Hector.
Why does Hector RUN ALONG THE WALLS after he has remained outside the gates to fight Achilles?
So the gaurds could drop rocks and weapons on Achilles.
What do Apollo, Hephaestus, and Athena have to do with the death of Hector?
Apollo abandons Hector. Hephaestus makes Achilles armor. Athena helped Achilles pick up the spear.
What does Achilles do rather than accept Hector's request that his body be returned for burial?
He says there can be no oaths between them. He lets other Greek soldiars stab Hector's dead body. He drags Hectors dead body in front of the Wall of Troy.
How does Hector's family react to his death?
Priam tried to run outs to reach his son, but they held him back. His mother shrieked and ripped off her vail. Andromache ran out to see, fainted, then mourned.
What dangerous action does King Priam take?
He goes to the camp of the Greeks in search of Achilles.
How does Priam change Achilles mind?
King Priam talks about Achilles not coming home to his dad, which reminded Achilles about his dad.
What do Priam and Achilles share in common?
Sorrow over the loss of Hector.
What two things does Achilles do for Priam above and beyond what Priam requested?
He puts oils on Hector's body. He gives Priam a feast.
After the visit from Priam to Achilles, what happened for Priam?
Achilles stays out of battle for twelve days so that Hector can be given a funeral. Hermes helped Priam to go and return safely to Troy.
Based on Helen's words, how are the men of Troy feeling about Helen?
They are being rude to her.
What three qualities does an epic hero have?
His actions are super human or fantastic. He is the son of a god and a mortal. He is helped by a god.
Iliad is a story based on what war?
The Trojan war.
What are some things about the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey?
The author was Homer, a Greek poet who was blind. He wrote around eight century B.C.
Who won the war and how long did it last?
The Greeks. 10 years.
When did the war take place?
1200 B.C.
Who were Achilles and Agamemnon?
Achilles was the greatest Greek Warrior. Agamemnon was the leader of the Greek forces.
What are two reasons why Achilles calls a conference?
To find out who or what is causing the plagues. To stop these plagues from happening.
What does he suspect has caused the Greek's Problems?
That they weren't sacrificing enough to the gods.
According to Chalchas, what is the cause of their problems?
King Agamemnon wouldn't give back Chryseis.
Why does Agamemnon choose to quarrel with Achilles? (two different reasons)
Achilles is younger and shouldn't accuse his elders. Agamemnon is now embarrassed and is making a comeback.
What does Agamemnon threaten to do (with regard to Achilles)?
Take Briseis from Achilles.
What are Achiles' verbal responsed to Agamemnon's threat to take away Briseis?
He says that he is braver than Agamemnon. He says he won't help Agamemnon when he is needed.
What fault does Agamemnon acuse Achilles of having?
A quick temper.
How do we know that both men have this fault?
They keep fighting back and forth and none of them are trying to stop.
What does Achilles say he will do?
"Yet I warn you, lay but a finger on any of the goods I brought with me from Phthia, and it will not be Trojan blood which will be red upon my sword."
Name two ways which the gods have intervened in the affairs of men up to The Quarrel in the Iliad?
Apollo put the plagues on the Greeks. Athena pulled Achilles back from killing Agamemnon.
Why are the Greeks fighting with Troy?
They are keeping a promise to protect Helen of Troy.
Menelaus asks the Greeks to go to Troy and fight.
What does Andromache ask of Hector?
To stay with her and not go back in the battle.
Why does Andromache ask Hector to stay with her and not go back in the battle?
She doesn't have anyone else, he will die and the baby won't have a dad.
Why won't Hector do what Andromache wants?
Everyone will think of him as a coward. He couldn't leave war if he tried. His family would be killed. Andromache would be taked as a slave.
Why does Hector have a special duty to fight the Greeks?
He is the greatest warrior of the Trojans.
If Greeks win the war, what does Hector believe will happen to Andromache?
She will be taken as a slave.
What are three actions that show Hector and Andromache have a loving family?
Hector came back from war to see his family. Andromache don't want Hector to leave. Hector is going back to war for his family.
Judging from Hector, what character qualities did Homer's society value?
His family means everything to him, courage, and loyalty to his kingdom.