Government Vocabulary

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Communist(together) Government owns most of the country's wealth (businesses, farms, etc) and then share it with its people. No need for money; government supplies all necessary goods and services.Constitutional MonarchyDemocratic government and assembly limit the control of the Monarch (King or Queen).TransitionalA country that is changing from one type of government to another.Autocracy/ DictatorshipRule by a single leader, all subjects are suppose do exactly as he/she says or they could be executed. Ex. Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro...Revolution(Latin "a turn around") A major change occurs in a government or society. The change is usually political, social and economic.Anarchy(none) A situation where there is no government or authority.RepublicNo monarch; power held by people and their elected representatives. The head of the country is usually an elected president.English ParliamentComposed of two different assemblies in England, the House of Lords ( 800 Queen's choice) and the House of Commons (650 elected).The U.S. House of RepresentativesMake up one of the houses of the U.S. legislature --- elected officials make laws.United NationsFounded in 1945. A world organization that helps promote world peace and monitor human rights violations. They help stop bad governments from doing horrible things.Philosopher(Gr. Lover of wisdom) Studies/writes about fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, mind and language.Theocracy(Gr. God) A government based on religious ideas.

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