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To help study the vocabulary of the test on chapter 4! Hope this helps! :)


farm plots built by digging ditches in the lakeshore to channel the water and then piling up the fertile mud into raised beds


Spanish conquerers who are searching mostly for gold in the Americas


people born in the Americas from Spanish parents (2nd social class- had wealth and education)


an idea/system where the king gave favored Spaniards a right to labor a certain number of Indians


an economic idea where a nation becomes strong by filling its treasury with gold and silver


people part Spanish and part Indian (lower social class- could not own land but worked on farms, ranches, and in cities)


people born in Spain (top social class-highest government and church positions)


cords tied with knotted strings of difference colors (number system)

Sapa Inca

the supreme ruler of the Incas


forced payment

Yo el Rey

Spanish for "I, the king."


military forts built to protect the missions


a race of intermarried Spaniards, Indians, and Africans

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