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division of the atmosphere
ex. mesopause


-the layer of gases that surrounds earth above the surface of liquid water and rocky material
-mostly composed of nitrogen and oxygen
-farthest from the earth's center and the least dense


-the layer of liquid water that lies between the atmosphere and much of the upper layer of earths interior.
-consists of the ocean, very thin, composed of h20 (hydrogen and oxygen)
-makes up most of earths surface


-the layer of rock that forms the solid outer shell at the top of earths interior
-lies directly beneath atmosphere and hydrosphere
-approx. 100 km thick, has a higher density


-upper portion of the lithosphere
-oxygen is the most abundant element

evidence of earth's shape

photographs taken from space, ships appearing to sink as they sail past the horizon, the similarities in gravity at sea level all over earth

atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere

in which group are the spheres of earth listed in order of increasing density?


the lower atmosphere and hydrosphere are bound to earth by

density, temp and pressure increase

as depth within earths interior increases, the

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