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  1. depressor anguli oris
  2. origin
  3. risorius
  4. obicularis oculi
  5. CN # 7
  1. a origin- mandible, inserts- angle of mouth, action- depresses corner of mouth for frown, innervation- CN # 7
  2. b facial nerve
  3. c circles eye, originates- orbital rim, inserts- soft tissue that surrounds orbit, action- closes eye or scrunches eye lightly or with tightness, innervation- CN #7
  4. d where muscle originates, and attaches to immoveable bone or surfaces
  5. e origin- masseter muscle, inserts- angle of the mouth, action- widens mouth opening, innervation- CN # 7

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  1. aka as trigeminal neuralgia, CN # 5 can be hypersensitive, or muscle goes into tonic contraction and stays, can be very painful, typically only experienced on the right or left, painful to chew, idiopathic- questionable cause, typically pain comes and goes
  2. origin- ptergoid process, inserts- condlye, action- moves condyle, innervated- CN # 5
  3. the most lateral of all muscles of mastication, origin- zygomatic arch of the zygomatic bone, inserts- on ramus, and angle of mandible, action- chewing and talking and elevates mandible, innervation- CN # 5, V3, or mandibular nerve
  4. origin- on temporal bone, inserts- on coronoid process, action- elevates mandible, helps masseter, slight retrusion, innervation- CN # 5
  5. the tounge in cross section has this____ ______?

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  1. moves to the leftlargest muscle of mastication as well as the powerhouse


  2. extrinsic muscles of the tonguethese muscles are responsible for shaping the tounge during speech, chewing and swallowing


  3. intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of tongueassist in the movement and functioning of the tounge


  4. insertson moveable bone, bone will move as a result of muscle action- what results from contraction


  5. thyrohyoidpositioned under geniohyoid, originates- mylohyoid line on mandible, inserts- in hyoid bone, action- elevates and moves slightly anterior the hyoid bone, innevated- mylohyoid nerve