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  1. anterior belly of digastric
  2. thyrohyoid
  3. stylohyoid
  4. sternocleidomastoid muscle
  5. temporalis
  1. a origin- madible, inserts on hyoid bone, action- elevates hyoid and moves slightly anterior, innervated- CN # 7
  2. b origin- thyroid cartilage, inserts- hyoid bone, action- depresses hyoid bone, and innervated- cervical nerves, short and thick
  3. c originates- clavicle, insertion- mastoid process of temporal bone, action- turns head from left to right, innervation- CN # 11
  4. d origin- styloid process of temporal bone, inserts on hyoid bone, action- moves hyoid slightly posterior and elevates, innervated- CN # 7
  5. e what muscles shapes the coronoid process

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  1. CN # 5, abbreviation=V3=mandibular nerve
  2. how many groups of muscles does the tongue have?
  3. which nerve will stimulate that muscle to contract
  4. when right lateral ptergoid muscles contracts the mandible does this, and vice versa if the left one were to contract.
  5. origin- maxilla, inserts- maxillary lip, action- pulls lip up for smile, innervation- CN #7

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  1. epicranial muscleoriginates- occipital bone, insertion- scapula, action- shoulder shrug, innervation- CN # 11


  2. extrinsic muscles of the tonguethese muscles are responsible for shaping the tounge during speech, chewing and swallowing


  3. platysmapositioned under geniohyoid, originates- mylohyoid line on mandible, inserts- in hyoid bone, action- elevates and moves slightly anterior the hyoid bone, innevated- mylohyoid nerve


  4. intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of tongueboth are neccessary for chewing and speaking


  5. tic delereuxaka as trigeminal neuralgia, CN # 5 can be hypersensitive, or muscle goes into tonic contraction and stays, can be very painful, typically only experienced on the right or left, painful to chew, idiopathic- questionable cause, typically pain comes and goes


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