1. What does Gatsby suggest in order to try to help Nick with his financial state? What is Nick's response? \ What would your response be?
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11. Who arrives to investigate Gatsby and why?A news reporter, because Gatsby became very popular. Everyone wanted to know who he really was.12. What was Gatsby's legal name? At what age did he change his name and why?James Gatz13. What had James Gatz been doing before he met Dan Cody?He was a salmon fisher and a clam digger.14. What does Dan Cody's yacht represent to Gatz? What does Gatsby do for Dan Cody?Dan Cody was Gastby's mentor. His yacht represents wealth and upper class society. He taught Gatsby how to "act rich." Gatsby is his personal assistant, and he's also described as his "jailer" when Cody drinks too much.15. What does Cody leave to Gatsby? Why does he not get it?He leaves him $25,000. Ella Kaye, one of Cody's girlfriends, gets it instead. This makes Gatsby distrustful of women.16. When, and under what circumstances, do Gatsby and Tom meet again? Why don't Tom, Mr. Sloane, and the woman really want Gatsby to accompany them?Tom and the Sloanes ride up to Gatsby's house on horseback. Mrs. Sloane has a few drinks and invites Gatsby to dinner. Gatsby wants to go, and he goes to gather his things. When he returns, the group has left. The Sloanes and Tom are from East Egg/Old Money. Gatsby struggled to understand the social cues of the Old Money crowd, and this situation shows that Gatsby will never truly fit in to the East Egg/Old Money crowd.17. What adjective does Fitzgerald use to describe Tom's eyes? What does this adjective reveal about the man?As Tom looks over Gastby's party, his eyes are described as "arrogant" (104). He thinks that he is better than everyone at the party and he looks down at all the people from West Egg.18. What does Gatsby want of Daisy?He wants Daisy to say that she never loved Tom.19. How does Daisy feel about West Egg and Gatsby's party?She doesn't like it. She is appalled/offended/disgusted by the West Egg crowd.20. What advice does Nick give Gatsby about the past?Gatsby thinks that he can recreate the past, especially regarding him and Daisy. Nick explains that you cannot repeat the past.21. What does Gatsby plan to do to gain Daisy's favor?Gatsby says that he is going to fix everything just like it was.21. What change occurs at Gatsby's on Saturday night?Daisy did not like the parties, so he does not throw a party. He also fires all his servants so they won't gossip about Daisy.22. Nick says, "So the whole caravansary had fallen in like a card house at the disapproval in her eyes." Why has Gatsby made all of these changes in his home?Daisy did not like the parties, and since everything Gatsby has done is for Daisy, he stops doing it.23. Daisy tells Gatsby, "You know I love you." Is she telling the truth? Why or why not?she is, but she doesn't intend on leaving tom24. Jordan says, "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." How is Jordan's statement ironic? (Hint: Think about what happens in nature in the fall of the year.)'Literally, the fall is when plants/nature die. This is ironic, because normally spring is when "life" begins again.25. What does Gatsby recognize Daisy's voice as being full of?He says that Daisy's voice is full of money. It reflects her status as a member of the old money crowd.Driving TO MANHATTANTom, Nick and Jordan are in GATSBY's Car. Daisy and Gatsby are in TOM's Car.Driving TO EAST EGGDaisy and Gatsby are in GATSBY's Car. Tom, Nick, and Jordan are in TOM's Car.27. What has Wilson discovered about his wife? Where is Myrtle and whom is she really watching? Who does she believe this person to be?Wilson finds out Myrtle is having an affair & decides to bring her out west. Myrtle is watching out the window and mistakes Jordan for Daisy.28. What causes Nick to have a renewal of his faith in Gatsby?Gatsby explains that he never really graduated from Oxford, but did go there for five months after the war. This explains why it always sounds like Gatsby was lying, but clearly there was some truth to it.29. Tom gives an intense lecture about the family institution. How is this lecture ironic?He believes that people look down upon the idea of true family - two parents, married, kids, etc. This is ironic because constantly cheats on Daisy.30. What does Gatsby tell Tom about Daisy's love? What, specifically, does Gatsby want Daisy to tell Tom?Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy never loved him. He wants Daisy to tell Tom that too.31. Why does Daisy not marry Gatsby?He is a criminal.32. What confuses Gatsby about Daisy's love for him? What can't Daisy say about her love for Tom?Gatsby can't understand how Daisy felt any love for Tom. She can't admit that she's only loved Gatsby bc it isn't true.33. What does Gatsby really sell at his drug stores?Illegal alcohol34. Nick notices in Gatsby's face "the babbled slander of his garden." What has happened to Gatsby's dream?It has died. Gatsby is so angry he looks "as if he killed a man" because Daisy isn't choosing him.35. What adjective does Fitzgerald use to describe Gatsby's dream and why is it so appropriate?At this point, Tom has just called out Gatsby on how he makes his money and criminal activity. Gastby immediately turns to Daisy and starts defending himself, but Daisy starts to shy away from him. Nick describes that "only the dead dream fought on" as Gatsby continued to try and fight for Daisy. This is the moment where we, as the reader, know that Daisy has chosen Tom.36. What does Michaelis witness in front of his restaurant?Myrtle being hit and killed by Gatsby's car.37. Who is waiting in the bushes outside of the Buchanan house? Why is he there?Gatsby. He is waiting to make sure Daisy is okay.38. Who do we learn was driving the "death car"? How does Gatsby describe Myrtle's approach to the car?Daisy is driving. Gatsby explains that Myrtle seemed like she was running out to talk to them.39. Fitzgerald writes, "They weren't happy, and neither of them had touched the chicken or the ale -and yet they weren't unhappy either. There was an unmistakable air of natural intimacy about the picture and anybody would have said that they were conspiring together." Do Tom and Daisy love each other? Explain your answer in detail.-Nick looks into the window and sees Tom and Daisy talking together over dinner. He sees that they might be planning something that's not good. Nick can tell that they are going to stick together. They are probably conspiring about their plan to leave.40. What does Nick say Gatsby is watching over?Nick leaves Gastby in the bushes outside of the Buchanans. Gatsby wants to stay there to make sure that Daisy is okay, but we (and Nick) know that Daisy has chosen Tom. Nick says that Gatsby is watching over "nothing."Why does Nick suggest Gatsby go away?The police know his car and will inevitably find him.When they were younger, Gatsby "took" Daisy under false pretenses. What were these false pretenses?Daisy was from a wealthy family in the South. Gatsby was not, so he pretended to be of the same social class to be with her.When does Gatsby find out that Daisy has moved on? How does she notify him?when he is at oxford, she send him a letterNick says, "I've always been glad I said that. It was the only compliment I ever gave him, because I disapproved of him from beginning to end." Why would Nick give someone he disapproves of such a compliment as "You're worth the whole damn bunch put together"?Nick respects/idolizes Gatsbys ability to hope in the face of all logic. He thinks that Gatsby had better intentions and isn't as morally bad of a person as Tom/daisy.What has changed about Nick's feelings for Jordan? What causes this change?Nick can't stand her. After the accident, Jordan didn't care about Myrtle and only was upset that Nick was "mean" to her.Who does Wilson identify as being God?The Eyes of TJ Eckleburg.What does Wilson do to Gatsby? What completes the "holocaust"?He kills Gatsby. Then he kills himself.What does Nick learn about Tom and Daisy?They have left and given no contact information.What does Klipspringer call about? Why won't he come to the funeral?He needs his tennis shoes and has another party/event to go to.What rule does Wolfshiem live by concerning friends?Show your love to a man when he is alive.Who is Henry C. Gatz? What does Mr. Gatz show to Nick in the "Hopalong Cassidy" book? What does Mr. Gatz believe this says about his son?he shows nick a daily schedule that a young Gatsby kept. It shows Gatsby is determined and always wanted to better himself.Who is the one person (other than Nick, Mr. Gatz, and the servants) who bothers to show up for Gatsby's funeral?Owl-Eyes and the West Egg Mailman.What does Nick identify the middle west as being to him?-He feel he is a part of the midwest; it is a part of his youth, especially the trainWhen Nick says, "I see know that this has been a story of the West, after all -Tom and Gatsby, Daisy and Jordan and I, were all Westerners, and perhaps we possessed some deficiency in common which made us subtly inadaptable to Eastern life." What does Nick mean by this observation?-Nick explains that all of them had grown up in the midwest, which was a different lifestyle than NY. Nick basically blames NY and the lifestyle of the people who live there for all of the problems.When and why does Nick return to the Midwest?Nick feels that the East is "haunted" so he returns to the midwest in Autumn.What does Nick learn about Jordan before he leaves? Who is the other "bad driver" Jordan has met? Is she justified in saying this?Nick learns that Jordan is already engaged to another man. Jordan calls Nick the other "bad driver."Who was Wilson's informant? How does this informant explain/defend his actions?Tom tells Wilson that it was Gatsby and where to find him. Tom says Gatsby had it coming to him and that Gastby "threw dust in your eyes just like he did Daisy's." Tom thinks that Gatsby ran Myrtle over on purpose without stopping. He also says that Wilson would have killed him if he didn't give him the name.Why does Nick classify Tom and Daisy as careless? (Be sure to include the quote how they live their lives.)Three people died because of them, at least partly, and they simply disappeared into their money and left. they showed no care for any of those people or their loved ones.What does Nick believe Gatsby believed in? What meaning did the green light hold for Gatsby?He thinks that Gatsby was always able to hope for more or dream to make something better for himself. For Gatsby, his hopes and dreams are tied up in Daisy, which is his "green light."Explain what Nick means by his closing statement: "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."That no matter how much you move forward, you are always being pushed backwards by the world/external forces into your past.