BUAL 5610 Quiz 2

Select one INCORRECT sentence about resampling methods
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Suppose we produce 4 bootstrapped samples from a dataset containing red and green classes. We then apply a decision tree to each bootstrapped sample and, for a specific set of predictors X, produce 4 estimates of P(Class is Red | X):
0.1, 0.8, 0.9, and 0.95.
What is the final classification for this set of predictors?
Select the INCORRECT sentence describing the pros and cons of Naive Bayes method.Naive Bayes method is not robust to noise points.Select the correct sentence describing the core ideas of support vector classifiers.The classification of a point depends on which side of the line (or hyperplane) it falls on.Select the INCORRECT sentence describing support vector machine classifier.Transformation of data produces a non-linear plane in the transformed space, but a linear decision boundary in the original space.Select the INCORRECT sentence describing the pros and cons of support vector machine classifiers.It is not effective in high dimensional spaces