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  1. Selection Intensity
  2. Accurate Measurement
  3. Rate of Genetic Change
  4. Truncation Selection
  5. Characteristics of Heritability
  1. a Selection based on performance above a certain level.
  2. b Response due to selection
  3. c -influences resemblance among relatives
    -influences accuracy of selection and rate of genetic change
  4. d Strictness of selection criteria.
  5. e Reduce potential measurement error, use most precise measurement as possible.

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  1. Measure of the strength of the relationship between P and BV for a trait in a population.
  2. Grouping animals that experience similar environmental effects.
  3. Time required to replace on generation with the next generation. Shorter interval = faster rate of genetic change.
  4. Variability of BV for a trait in the population. The greater the genetic variation, the greater the difference between superior and inferior animals.
  5. Rate at which selected individuals replace existing parents in the population.

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  1. Repeated TraitsTraits for which individual animals have multiple performance records. (milk production, calf weaning weight)


  2. Environmental UniformityManage animals to keep environmental effects as similar as possible across the population.


  3. BLUP ModelsRatio of individual performance compared to contemporary group mean.


  4. Permanent Environmental EffectNutrition, track conditions, illnesses


  5. Tandem SelectionSelection based on performance above a certain level.