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  1. Interval Schedule
  2. Fixed Schedule
  3. Negative Punishment
  4. Zimbardo - 416
  5. UCR
  1. a -replacement
    -regarded as troublemaker
  2. b No TV
  3. c Unconditioned Response: reaction to stimulus -> reaching for mint
  4. d -set interval of time after which reinforcement occurs
  5. e -reinforcement is delivered after a fixed # of responses/interval of time

    FR-3: every 3rd time x happens, y happens

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  1. Formerly neutral stimulus that has become a reinforcer - token economy/gold star
  2. Process by which a mentor provides less and less guidance in a task
  3. -pretended to be crazy -> went a little nuts
    -released 36 hours in

  4. -Try to quit (change behavior)
    -Reject evidence for unhealthiness (deny evidence)
    -Emphasize benefit of smoking (modifying belief)
    -"I want to die young - so why not?" (resist & rationalize)
  5. Blank slate theory

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  1. Little AlbertBaby presented with bunny (no sound).
    Baby presented with bunny w/ scary sounds.
    Baby presented bunny --> scared.
    Baby later scared of white things.


  2. Dispositional CausalityIndividualist


  3. Planting Memories Exp. 1-only childhood memories
    -18-53 year olds


  4. Serial Position Effect->stop sign vs. yield sign
    ->"power of suggestion"


  5. RolesGuard - sadism
    Prisoner - Shame, Confusion


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