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  1. Cognitive Process
  2. Pavlov
  3. Primary Reinforcer
  4. Sensitization
  5. Conditioned Reinforcer Require...
  1. a Rang bell -> gave dog treats.
    Was studying animals digestive tracts.
  2. b Intelligence + Attention
  3. c -tokens are accessible/available
    -token is dispersed quickly
    -token is portable
    -reinforcing effect is immediate
  4. d Increase in behavioral response when a stimulus is presented repeatedly.
    -->Increased pain from something that is annoying/persistent
  5. e Biologically determined - sex, food, water

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  1. Baby presented with bunny (no sound).
    Baby presented with bunny w/ scary sounds.
    Baby presented bunny --> scared.
    Baby later scared of white things.
  2. Fundamental Attribution Error:
    Role within situation effects how people are perceived
  3. -set interval of time after which reinforcement occurs
  4. Our perceptions and experiences are influenced by our native language
    -> linguistic relativity
  5. Obedience: 65% went to 450 watts

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  1. UCRUnconditioned Stimulus: stimulus that produces a certain reaction -> mint


  2. Interference:-Iconic memory
    -8% of children have it


  3. Positive PunishmentNo TV


  4. Variable ScheduleThinking out loud


  5. Guards TypesGuard - sadism
    Prisoner - Shame, Confusion