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  1. Recall Effected By...
  2. Latent Learning
  3. Availability Heuristic
  4. Operant Training
  5. Fears
  1. a When learning occurs but it is not readily observable
  2. b -mood
    -time from encoding
  3. c Learned, not in-born.
  4. d Skinner
    Reinforcement increases behavior
    Punishment decreases behavior
  5. e tendency to inflate probability of something occuring by how easily it comes to mind (shark attack, hit by lightning, plane crash)

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  1. -set interval of time after which reinforcement occurs
  2. Collectivist
  3. When you become unable to problem solve because you are fixated on something that does not match your schema
  4. -# of response on which reinforcement occurs
  5. -more easily recalled if subject is in environment where information was encoded

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  1. Misinformation Effect->stop sign vs. yield sign
    ->"power of suggestion"


  2. Planting Memories Exp. 1Generic Memory (Lost in Mall)
    -68% remember true
    -24% remember false
    -20% remember false (2 wks later)


  3. Negative Reinforcement"Seatbelt sound fades after clicking seatbelt"
    "You don't have to complete HW b/c you came to class"


  4. Primary ReinforcerFormerly neutral stimulus that has become a reinforcer - token economy/gold star


  5. Bobo Doll Experiment-Bandura
    -learning through modeling
    -children devised new ways to hit