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  1. Object Permanence
  2. Zone of Proximal Development
  3. Scaffolding
  4. Functional Fixedness
  5. Zimbardo - Parole Officer
  1. a Process by which a mentor provides less and less guidance in a task
  2. b Former convict emulated PO that treated him badly
  3. c When you become unable to problem solve because you are fixated on something that does not match your schema
  4. d Idea that parents should model behavior, and then expect child to attempt but need help. Give-and-take learning.
  5. e Concept that objects continue to exist and are permanent, developed around 18 months

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  1. -immediately after bad behavior
    -by otherwise affectionate adult
    -used sparingly
    -not overboard & with explanation
  2. No TV
  3. Unconditioned Response: reaction to stimulus -> reaching for mint
  4. Pent-up aggression needs to be released in a safe way/method
  5. -proximity to authority figure
    -proximity to subject being punished
    -gender of participant
    -prestige of authority

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  1. Optimal ConditioningSkinner
    Reinforcement increases behavior
    Punishment decreases behavior


  2. Dialectical Reasoning-Lil Albert = 7 times w/ scary sounds to become learned
    -highly resistant to extinction
    -single traumatic events can cause specific reactions


  3. Zimbardo - 416-broke down to chaplain
    -forgot ID, wanted to become better prisoner
    -Z reminded him of true ID, allowed to leave


  4. FearsLearned, not in-born.


  5. Negative ReinforcementInflated allowance
    Good behavior sticker