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  1. Guards Types
  2. Sensitization
  3. Pavlov
  4. Zimbardo
  5. Cognition
  1. a Rang bell -> gave dog treats.
    Was studying animals digestive tracts.
  2. b -2 weeks -> 6 days
    -Normal, healthy, "psychologically similar" males
    -Guards + prisoners randomly assigned
  3. c -good guard
    -tough but fair
    -sadistic (Wayne)
  4. d Increase in behavioral response when a stimulus is presented repeatedly.
    -->Increased pain from something that is annoying/persistent
  5. e content + preocess

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  1. -set interval of time after which reinforcement occurs
  2. Formerly neutral stimulus that has become a reinforcer - token economy/gold star
  3. Intelligence + Attention
  4. Concept that objects continue to exist and are permanent, developed around 18 months
  5. -mood
    -time from encoding

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  1. Private Speech-immediately after bad behavior
    -by otherwise affectionate adult
    -used sparingly
    -not overboard & with explanation


  2. Obedience Effected By...-mood
    -time from encoding


  3. Variable Schedule-reinforcement is delivered, on average, after a fixed # of responses/interval of time

    VR-10: about every 10 times x happens, y happens


  4. Optimal SpankThinking out loud


  5. Negative Reinforcement"Seatbelt sound fades after clicking seatbelt"
    "You don't have to complete HW b/c you came to class"