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  1. Guards Types
  2. Variable Schedule
  3. Little Albert
  4. Catharsis
  5. Positive Reinforcement
  1. a Baby presented with bunny (no sound).
    Baby presented with bunny w/ scary sounds.
    Baby presented bunny --> scared.
    Baby later scared of white things.
  2. b -reinforcement is delivered, on average, after a fixed # of responses/interval of time

    VR-10: about every 10 times x happens, y happens
  3. c Inflated allowance
    Good behavior sticker
  4. d Pent-up aggression needs to be released in a safe way/method
  5. e -good guard
    -tough but fair
    -sadistic (Wayne)

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  1. content + preocess
  2. -process of putting info together based on out perception of a memory
  3. Blank slate theory
  4. Unconditioned Response: reaction to stimulus -> reaching for mint
  5. Generic Memory (Lost in Mall)
    -68% remember true
    -24% remember false
    -20% remember false (2 wks later)

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  1. ScaffoldingMeasured by observable behavior.


  2. Modeled Behavior Requires...-Subject pays attention
    - " retains info
    - " reproduce behavior
    - " motivated to repeat


  3. Negative ReinforcementInflated allowance
    Good behavior sticker


  4. Habituationcontent + preocess


  5. Situational PsychologyCollectivist


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