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  1. Zimbardo - 819
  2. Conditioned Reinforcer
  3. Latent Learning
  4. Zimbardo - 8612
  5. Fear Conditioning
  1. a Formerly neutral stimulus that has become a reinforcer - token economy/gold star
  2. b -pretended to be crazy -> went a little nuts
    -released 36 hours in

  3. c -broke down to chaplain
    -forgot ID, wanted to become better prisoner
    -Z reminded him of true ID, allowed to leave
  4. d When learning occurs but it is not readily observable
  5. e -Lil Albert = 7 times w/ scary sounds to become learned
    -highly resistant to extinction
    -single traumatic events can cause specific reactions

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  1. content + preocess
  2. When you become unable to problem solve because you are fixated on something that does not match your schema
  3. Outrageous Memory (Spilled Drink)
    -90% remember true
    -0% remember false
    -24% remember true (2 wks later)
  4. -tokens are accessible/available
    -token is dispersed quickly
    -token is portable
    -reinforcing effect is immediate
  5. Measured by observable behavior.

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  1. Whorf HypothesisOur perceptions and experiences are influenced by our native language
    -> linguistic relativity


  2. Guards Types-good guard
    -tough but fair
    -sadistic (Wayne)


  3. Planting Memories Exp. GenericGeneric Memory (Lost in Mall)
    -68% remember true
    -24% remember false
    -20% remember false (2 wks later)


  4. Positive ReinforcementInflated allowance
    Good behavior sticker


  5. CRUnconditioned Stimulus: stimulus that produces a certain reaction -> mint