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  1. Negative Reinforcement
  2. Negative Punishment
  3. Little Albert
  4. Smoker's Choice
  5. Conditioned Reinforcer
  1. a Formerly neutral stimulus that has become a reinforcer - token economy/gold star
  2. b "Seatbelt sound fades after clicking seatbelt"
    "You don't have to complete HW b/c you came to class"
  3. c No TV
  4. d -Try to quit (change behavior)
    -Reject evidence for unhealthiness (deny evidence)
    -Emphasize benefit of smoking (modifying belief)
    -"I want to die young - so why not?" (resist & rationalize)
  5. e Baby presented with bunny (no sound).
    Baby presented with bunny w/ scary sounds.
    Baby presented bunny --> scared.
    Baby later scared of white things.

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  1. Unconditioned Response: reaction to stimulus -> reaching for mint
  2. -process of putting info together based on out perception of a memory
  3. Inflated allowance
    Good behavior sticker
  4. tendency to inflate probability of something occuring by how easily it comes to mind (shark attack, hit by lightning, plane crash)
  5. Process of requiring increasingly intense stimuli to elicit same response as before

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  1. Interval Schedule-set interval of time after which reinforcement occurs


  2. CognitionWEAKENS, not eradicates behavior


  3. Planting Memories Exp. GenericGeneric Memory (Lost in Mall)
    -68% remember true
    -24% remember false
    -20% remember false (2 wks later)


  4. Operant TrainingMeasured by observable behavior.


  5. CatharsisConditioned Stimulus: stimulus learned to be associated with UCS -> computer dinging, indicating mint