16 terms

Social Studies test 10/27/11

Map that shows information about a certain theme or topic
A thematic map shows information
.Physical Geography or Human Geography
Thematic maps can show ______ geography or _________ geography
Climate , Vegetation, Landforms
Three types of Physical geography maps are _______, __________, _________
economic activity maps, population activity maps, political maps
Three Types of human Geography Maps are
Landforms, and Bodies of water,
Physical features include ______________ and ________
climate maps
Maps that show long term patterns of weather are
A _____________ map shows the kinds of trees and other plants that grow in various places
population density
Thematic maps can focus on human geography such as the number of people per square mile showing ________________
.economic activity
A map of ____________ focuses on the ways people produce, buy, and sell goods and services.
Business , Industry, Natural Resources
This kind of map shows the main types of __________ and ___________ as well as _________
natural resources
Coal iron and petroleum are examples of
Look at the Map Title
To read a thematic map First _________________
Look at the map legend
To read a thematic map Second _________________
Latitude, elevation, and Altitude
Name factors that affect climate ___________ and _________________and _____________
A ___________ shows the average temperature and precipitation in a place over a year.
Their location on earth, elevation, amount of sunlight, richness of soil
Vegetation Zones are affected by: ______________, _______________, ___________, and ___________