Ancient Persia

The first Persian Empir was found by ________
Cyrus the Great. he took the persians modern day Iran and conquered Mesopotamia
a monotheistic religion that may have inspired Judaism, official religion of the Persian Empire.
Cyrus the great accomplishments:
religious freedom and abolished slavery
Darius the Greats accomplishments:
established the largest empire the world has ever seen. was the first to attack Greece, leading the Persians at the Battle of Macedonia
Xerxes! (son of Darius) accomplishments:
attacked Greece from the north through Thermopolye and into Athens. Destroyed Athens, then retreated back to Asia
The fall of the persian empire:
the Persian Empire was attacked by Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great:
educated by Aristotle, conquered the persian empire. His men turned against him, established trade routs, spread Greek culture, brought an end to Persian Empire, built new cities, disrupted Indian poltics