Unit 4- Imperialism & WWI

Teddy Roosevelt
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William SewardConsidered a fool because he purchased AlaskaPacifistspeople who believed that all wars should be outlawedOpen Door Policychina was opened to tradeNationalismpride or devotion to ones nationAlliancepolitical or military friendship between two or more nationsLeague of Nationspeacetime organization created by WilsonRough Ridersrecruited from cowboys, polo players, and marksmenRivalryfear or conflict that reoccurs over a period of timeImperialismpractice of one country extending its rule over other countries or coloniesConcentration CampsSpanish used these to suppress the Cuban independence movementYellow Journalismsensationalized the news to raise the emotion of its readersDoughboysname for american soldiersMaineship that was destroyed in Havana, CubaMilitarismglorify the military, emphasize military buildup, and increase military activityPortirio DiazMexican leader who allowed foreign companies to develop resources in MexicoGuantanamo BayPlatt Amendment gave the U.S. a naval basePeace prizeWhat Alfred Nobel establishedJoin the alliesThe Zimmerman note proposed that if the U.S. enter the war, Mexico shouldWhat caused Great Britain to enter the war?Germany's violation of Belgium neutralityReparationsPayments made by defeated nations to compensate for war damagesSelect Service ActThis was issued by the government and allows for the military draftSpanish fluWhat hit America in 1918Great White FleetNickname for the American NavyWilliam TaftOnly man in American history to serve as President and a Supreme Court JusticeFranz FerdinandHis assassination of Austria-Hungary led to them declaring war on SerbiaImperialismPolicy of establishing colonies to increase the wealth and power of the parent country.NationalismPride or devotion to one's nationIsolationismAfter WWI, the U.S. returned to this and decided to stay out of Europe and the world's problemsMilitarismGlorify the military, emphasize military buildup, and increase military activity.AlliancesPolitical or military friendship between two or more nations