ADV 318J Exam 4

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A national merchandising company is a major distributor of grocery and beauty products and uses many tactics to get samples into the hands of consumers. The most popular type of sampling for food and cosmetics products is _____ sampling.
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in general, when dealing with a crisis it's best for a brand toown the problem and seek to correct it quicklysales promotion is generally used as a long-term tactic and widespread strategy to promote an image for the brand and create emotional connections with the consumerfalsea company allows its workers to take one afternoon off each month to volunteer at the nonprofit organization of their choice. the company sends out a press release that explains this program to the media. this is considered a reactive public relations strategyfalsebranded entertainment is the practice of placing any branded product into the content and execution of established entertainment mediafalsein order to make the most of event sponsorships, marketers should not only establish media impressions, but alsofind a way to link the brand with a positive feeling that will go beyond the duration of the eventone key advantage of press release is that they give PR strategists complete control over the content of media coveragefalseaccording to The Guardian article "It's genuine, you know?...," one of the trends within the influencer marketing industry is the shift away from macro-influencerstruean athletic supply manufacturer is about to launch a new sports sock made of an innovative fabric that cushions the foot, reduces impact, absorbs moisture, and supports high-intensity sports. its creates short video spots and posts them on its home page, Facebook page, YouTube, and other sites for viewing and downloading. Since this video is generated by the company, intends to gain positive publicity, and hopes for free exposure of a new product, it works in much the same way that the more traditional___ doespress releasethe primary role for consumer sales promotion is to _______elicit a short-term purchase from a customerthe concept of Madison & Vine refers to the convergence of the advertising and entertainment industries in the branding efforts of marketerstruethe term event sponsorship refers to the innovative component of a media plan that involves a company setting up its own events, such as concert or festivals, to promote its brand and sell its productfalsefriendly car wash offers a deal in which customers who have bought nine car washed over the last year get the tenth one free. this an examples of a sampling program to stimulate repeat purchasesfalseaccording to the lecture, which of the following is a reason why the growth for product placement and brand entertainment could slow down?all of the given choicesin class we discussed reasons why use of product placement and branded entertainment may decline in the near future. which of these reasons did Dr. Dudo highlight with his example of the TV show Top Chef and its use of product placement?use of product placements in ways that lack a goodness-of-fit between the show and the brandresearch shows that loyalty programs tend to benefit larger firms more than smaller firms in highly competitive marketstruewhich of the following is true of a proactive public relations strategyit is guided by marketing objectivesa retailers is trying to target the "precision shopper" who expects extra value in every single purchase. which of the following promotional techniques would best increase the value of a brand in a customer's mind?couponsa major "sweet spot" for the brand occurs in event sponsorship when there is significant overlap between the _____event's participants and the marketer's target audienceduring the Pom Wonderful sales pitch shown in "the greatest movie ever sold," the company president is concerned about _____sponsor compatibilityaccording to The Guardian article "It's genuine, you know?..," what does it mean to be a "digital first" talent?a talent may start online but he/she eventually branches out to other platformsaccording to "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," neuromarketing uses certain appeals to create an emotional peak for the audience. which appeals most effectively create this peak?fear, craving, and sexaccording to The Guardian article "It's genuine, you know?...," over the last decade, what entity has become a well-established tactic for brands?Influencer marketingA company prepares a well-crafted, informative press release. However, two major drawback associated with press releases are that the new media decides if or when the item will run, and the news media might alter the meaning of the releasetruea clothing company that targets preteens and young teens has to respond quickly when its celebrity spokesperson, a 19-year-old pop singer, is arrested for drink driving and cocaine possession. Some time later, its new public relations specialist reviews this situation and how it was handled. She can understand the need for the company's ____ approach at the time, but now she suggests shifting to a ____ strategy by launching a more positive initiative.reactive; proactiveone of the main purposes of sales promotion and P-O-P advertising is to encourage brand switchingtrue_____ is a comment of a public relations plan that summarizes the information obtained from a public relations auditsituation analysisas described in "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," brands are increasingly doing co-promotion (or product placement) numerous reasons one of which to help create new brand identities.truein "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold", Morgan Spurlock's "brand personality" is _____, a personality shared by companies such as Apple and Mini Cooper.mindful playin its focus on cultivating and maintaining goodwill toward a brand/organization, public relations demonstrates its relative narrow function within the IBP processfalsesupport media are given that name because theyreinforce or support a message delivered by other media.