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Review for English 9 Honors Quiz

Where did Socrates live


How long ago did Socrates live

400 years before Christ

What did he spend most of his life doing

Asking questions about people's beliefs and values

What was Socrates the first person in history to do

To build his life around examining questions like these

What was one of Socrate's quotes

Know yourself. The unexamined life is not worth living

Socrates was a great what


What did Socrates ask


How did Socrates teach/What is the Socratic Method and what did it result in

By asking his students questions about their own opinions and beliefs resulting in students being able to build firmer, wiser beliefs

What did his students come to realize

That they could not explain or defend many things that they were once so sure of

Socrates was a ___ hero


What did the people of Athens think of Socrates and why

They disliked him because they felt he was teaching young people to reject important truths

What did the people of Athens do about Socrates

They ordered him to stop teaching but he refused

What did the people of Athens do when Socrates refused to stop teaching

They put him on trial and sentenced him to death

What was Socrates given to drink

A cup of Hemlock, a poison

What was a cup of hemlock equivalent to

Our electric chair

Did Socrates drink the hemlock

Yes, he drank it rather than to stop teaching and questioning

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