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First - Use of English Part 4 (Key Word Transformations) 2 of 2

First Certificate (FCE) Use of English - Part 4 - Key Word Transformations. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.

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I'm worried about that bruise on your hand.
I don't ...... that bruise on your hand
like the look of
Susan has had no success with her plans to work abroad, unfortunately.
Susan's plans to work abroad ...... , unfortunately.
have fallen through
'Don't forget to phone tomorrow,' said my mother.
My mother ...... to phone the next day.
told me not to forget/to remember
Did anyone notice anything unusual?' asked the police officer.
The police officer wanted to ...... anything unusual.
know if anyone had noticed
Whatever you do, don't lift that heavy suitcase.
I'd advise you not ...... that heavy suitcase.
to pick up
Maybe John has not remembered about tonight's party.
I suppose John ...... about tonight's party.
could have forgotten
You should not think that the accident was your fault.
It would be wrong ...... for the accident.
to blame yourself/yourselves
I am sure Maria finds reading interesting because she has lots of books.
Maria ...... reading because she has lots of books.
must be interested in
I hope you were not discouraged by Sandra from going to the concert.
I hope Sandra ...... going to the concert.
didn't/did not put you off
I have been to this restaurant three times now.
This ...... I have been to this restaurant now.
is the third time
I am so exhausted that I won't be able to go out tonight.
I ...... go out tonight.
am too exhausted to
The runners had a difficult time competing in the race.
The runners who ...... the race, had a difficult time.
took part in
Do you know when the race is being held next year?
When ...... next year?
is the race taking place
It will be necessary to send this letter first class.
This letter ...... class.
will have/need to be sent
'Are you waiting to be served?' said the waitress to me.
The waitress ...... waiting to be served.
asked me if I was
Buying those jeans was not a sensible thing for me to do yesterday.
If ...... those jeans yesterday.
only I had not/hadn't bought
The owner established the company in 2001.
The company ...... the owner in 2001.
was set up by
We booked seats but it was not necessary because there was plenty of room.
We ...... seats because there was plenty of room.
needn't/need not have booked
It is difficult for Paul to decide what to do.
Paul finds it difficult ...... what to do.
making/to make up his mind
Bad weather delayed the building project for several weeks.
The building project ...... for several weeks by the bad weather.
was set back
We must take as much advantage as possible of any opportunity to speak English.
We have ...... any opportunity to speak English.
to make the most of
Honestly, I don't mind where we go for our summer holidays.
Honestly, ...... me where we go.
it doesn't/does not matter to
Could you speak English when you were younger?
When you were younger, ...... speak English?
were you able to
What's the answer to sixteen minus eight?
If you ...... sixteen, what's the answer?
take eight away/away eight from
Three hundred students entered the swimming competition last year.
Three hundred students ...... the swimming competition last year.
took part in
The students will finish their English course at the end of June.
The English course ...... the beginning of July.
will have finished by
There will be no more oil available in this area in 2030.
Oil supplies in this area ...... by the year 2031.
will (have) run out
My sister doesn't like computer games very much.
My sister ...... computer games.
isn't/is not very keen on
'Did you eat the chocolates?' Maria said to Peter.
Maria ...... eaten the chocolates.
asked Peter if he had
Bob hadn't seen his uncle for several years.
After several years ...... , Bob saw his uncle again.
had gone by
I needed a cup of coffee this morning but I didn't have time for one.
I ...... a cup of coffee this morning but I didn't have time for one.
could have done with
I'm not going to tolerate this untidiness any longer.
I have no intention ...... this untidiness any longer.
of putting up with
We went for a walk although it was raining yesterday.
We went for a walk ...... yesterday.
in spite of the rain
I'm sure it will be raining tomorrow.
It ...... raining tomorrow.
is bound to be
Could I borrow some change for the telephone?
Could ...... some change for the telephone?
you lend me
It's ages since my sister and I had an argument.
My sister and I ...... ages.
haven't/have not fallen out for
We are friends although we have disagreements about some things.
We are friends ...... disagree about some things.
despite the fact that we
Has John caught a cold?
Can you tell me if ...... with a cold?
John has gone/come down
I was really bored by the film last night.
I ...... last night.
found the film really boring
I think it's time the children went to bed now.
I think the children ...... to bed now.
had better go
The problem we were faced with was a serious one.
The problem ...... was a serious one.
came up against
It was a mistake not to apply for the job.
I ...... for the job.
wish I had/I'd applied
Being rich has no connection with being happy.
Being rich ...... being happy.
has nothing to do with
I can't wait to see the sights in London.
I am ...... the sights in London.
looking forward to seeing
The tourist trade is much better now than it was last month.
The tourist trade ...... noticeably since last month.
has picked up
Governments should preserve all the world's languages.
All the world's languages ...... governments.
ought to be preserved by
The tennis players' match is still going on.
The tennis players ...... yet.
have not/haven't finished their/the match
What time does your plane land tomorrow?
Can you tell ...... tomorrow?
me when your plane lands
The family always spent their holidays climbing in the mountains.
The family's holidays ...... climbing in the mountains.
used to be spent
Physical exercise won't hurt you if you are careful.
Physical exercise won't ...... if you are careful.
do you any harm
How does a rock climber differ from a mountaineer?
What ...... a rock climber and a mountaineer?
is the difference between
This new dining table is bigger than the one we had before.
The dining table we had before ...... this new one.
was not as big as
It was not a good idea for you to refuse the offer of that job.
You should ...... the offer of that job.
not have turned down
My teacher suggested that I spent the summer in England.
My teacher ...... the summer in England.
advised me to spend
The film is not as interesting as the novel was.
The novel ...... than the film.
was much more interesting
Will your neighbours look after your dog when you go away?
Do you know if your neighbours ...... your dog when you go away?
will take care of
Tom, wouldn't it be a good idea to take the students swimming tomorrow?
Tom, ...... the students swimming tomorrow?
how about taking
Miss Jones first came to teach us a month ago.
Miss Jones ...... a month now.
has been teaching us/has been our
teacher for
We are noticing a rise in the cost of living again.
The cost of living ...... again.
appears to be rising
While we were going home, we had an accident.
We ...... home when we had an accident.
were on our way
Has Mary altered her decision about moving to the countryside?
Do you know if Mary ...... about moving to the countryside?
has changed her mind
I'd like Kevin to stop telling me what to do.
I ...... telling me what to do!
wish (that) Kevin would stop
'Are you pleased that it's nearly half-term?' said the teacher to us.
The teacher wanted ...... pleased that it was nearly half-term.
to know if we were
We are earning less than we are spending, I'm afraid.
Our ...... our income, I'm afraid.
expenditure is more (greater) than
I don't think having luxuries in life is necessary.
I don't ...... having luxuries in life.
see the (any) need of (in)
I don't earn anything like the amount I did before.
I earn ...... as I did before.
nowhere near as much
The date for the Barcelona Conference is the 23rd of March.
The Barcelona Conference ...... the 23rd of March.
will take place on (is taking place on)
The house was not very attractive in appearance when we first saw it.
The house was ...... at when we first saw it.
not much to look
No-one wants to buy this type of music any more.
There ...... for this type of music.
is no longer any demand
Looking back, I think I was right to study mathematics at university.
Looking back, I ...... mathematics at university.
don't regret studying
Our spending will have to be reduced next year.
We will have ...... our spending next year.
to cut back on
The children were absolutely certain that the film would be fantastic.
There ...... minds of the children that the film would be fantastic.
was no doubt in the
Did anyone raise the subject of the school trip?
Can you tell me ...... the subject of the school trip?
if anyone brought up
I started learning English three years ago.
I ...... three years.
have been learning English for
They are moving our oral examination to an earlier date.
Our oral examination ...... to an earlier date.
is being brought (moved) forward
'Do you want to go for a walk?' asked Bob.
Bob asked me ...... for a walk.
if I felt like going
Olivia did not concentrate so she made a lot of mistakes.
If Olivia ...... made fewer mistakes.
had concentrated, she would have
Do you happen to know the time of the next train to London?
I wonder ...... me the time of the next train to London.
if you could tell
The children are always fascinated by nature programmes on TV.
The children ...... when they watch them on TV.
always find nature programmes fascinating
'What about going for a swim?' said John to me.
John ...... for a swim.
suggested (that) we go / going
Sara cleaned every bit of her room before her cousin came to stay.
Sara cleaned her room ...... before her cousin came to stay.
from top to bottom
Travelling by bus is cheaper than travelling by train.
Travelling by train ...... travelling by bus.
is more expensive than
Leaving school made me realise that my childhood was over.
Leaving school ...... me that my childhood was over.
brought it home to
I never find time to tidy my desk.
I don't ever ...... my desk.
get round to tidying
Please behave as if you are in your own house during your stay.
I'd like you all ...... home during your stay.
to make yourself at
I am not tall enough to reach the top of this cupboard.
If I ...... reach the top of this cupboard.
were (was) taller, I could
I'd like you to connect me to the managing director's extension number.
Could you ...... the managing director's extension number?
put me through to
To tell the truth, we need a swimming pool for this school.
To tell the truth, ...... a swimming pool for this school.
what we need is
Do you know whose this umbrella is, by any chance?
Do you know ...... , by any chance?
who this umbrella belongs to
Was it Paul's idea to go to the cinema?
Was it Paul ...... the idea of going to the cinema?
who (that) came up with
The boats began to move slowly out of the harbour.
The boats slowly ...... out of the harbour.
made their way
One runner did not succeed in finishing the race.
One runner ...... the race.
was not able to finish
It is not my fault that the glass broke.
You cannot ...... the glass.
blame me for breaking
I am starting to find watching television boring.
I am beginning to get ...... television.
fed up with watching
Bad weather makes me feel really unhappy in the winter.
Bad weather ...... in the winter.
really gets me down
Fog delayed my flight to Moscow this morning.
My flight to Moscow ...... this morning.
was held up by fog
Help was urgently needed in the flooded area of the country.
They were ...... in the flooded area of the country.
in urgent need of help
I went to Italy with the intention of learning Italian.
I went to Italy ...... Italian.
so that I could learn
Remember to return the videos you have rented.
Don't ...... the videos you have rented.
forget to take (bring) back
While we were going home yesterday we got caught in a thunderstorm.
We got caught in a thunderstorm while we were ...... yesterday.
on our way home