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  1. gastroenterology
  2. systemic circulation
  3. olfactory nerve
  4. patent ductus arteriosus
  5. pyuria
  1. a circulation loop that carries oxygenated blood from the heart to the cells of the body
  2. b congenital anomaly characterized by a connection between the pulmonary artery and the aorta
  3. c pus in the urine
  4. d cranial nerve that transports impulses of sense of smell to the brain
  5. e medical speciality deals with the digestive system

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  1. not an organ of the respiratory system
  2. diagnostic term for involuntary, jery movements of the eye
  3. medical term meaning abnormal condition of gallstones
  4. combining form enter/o
  5. using heat, cold, electricity, or chemicals to scar, burn, or cut tissue

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  1. urethritisinflammation urethra


  2. testesgland secretes testosterone


  3. lacrimalnot an endocrine gland


  4. cerebral angiographydiagnostic term means the process of x-ray filming of the blood vessels in the brain


  5. hydrocelefarsightedness