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  1. polydepsia
  2. breast
  3. tennis elbow
  4. melanin
  5. anacusis
  1. a black pigment that give skin its color
  2. b mast/o
  3. c absence of hearing
  4. d Lateral epicondylitis (inflammation of the muscle attachment to the lateral epicondyle of the elbow)
  5. e abnormal state of extreme thirst

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  1. cranial nerve that transports impulses of sense of smell to the brain
  2. abnormal condition of no sweat
  3. movement and spread of cancer cells from one aprt of the body to another
  4. deficiency of blood supply
  5. condition characterized by nonprogressive paralysis from a defect or trauma at brith

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  1. Type 1insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus


  2. cystotomydiagnostic term for a condition of painful muscle cramps resulting from a low amount of calcium in the blood


  3. ergonomicsstudy of human work requirements and environments


  4. cerebrumlargest section of the brain


  5. upper GIblood type is known as the universal recipient