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  1. arteries
  2. inter-
  3. intravenous pyelogram
  4. tympanic membrane
  5. diverticulitis
  1. a diagnostic term that means inflammation of a blind pouch or sac in the colon
  2. b tissue that seperates the auditory canal form the middle ear cavity
  3. c x-ray film of the renal pelvis with a contrast medium injected into a vein
  4. d large, thick-walled vessels
  5. e between

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  1. form of epilepsy in which there is a loss of awareness without a seizure
  2. ability of the eye to adjust to variations in distances
  3. oxygen exchange takes place in these blood vessels
  4. record of the electricity of the heart
  5. slow heartbeat

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  1. -plastysurgical repair


  2. myocardial infarctioninflammation of the inner lining of the heart


  3. pruritusinflammation of a joint


  4. lith/oorgan that produces bile


  5. pulseexpansion and contraction producced by blood as it moves through an artery