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  1. tonometry
  2. not a function of lymph nodes
  3. secrete
  4. hirsutism
  5. small intestine
  1. a process of measuring the intraocular pressure of the eye
  2. b crin/o
  3. c condition of having an excessive amount of hair
  4. d breaking down erythrocytes
  5. e combining form enter/o

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  1. condition of tissue death
  2. redness
  3. active acquired immunity
  4. gland sometimes referred to as the "master gland"
  5. reflex test that suggests abnormalities in the nervous system

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  1. submandibularsalivary gland


  2. keratosisan overgrowth and thickening of the epidermis


  3. tympanic membranetissue that seperates the auditory canal form the middle ear cavity


  4. histologythe study of tissue


  5. ricketsabnormal "crackling" sounds made during inspiration