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  1. inter-
  2. ganglion
  3. Doppler ultrasound
  4. apocrine gland
  5. pelvimetry
  1. a between
  2. b measurement of the pelvic area to see if the fetus can be delivered vaginally
  3. c used more often to detect blood clots and blood vessel obstructions
  4. d knotlike mass of nerve tissue located outside the brain and spinal cord
  5. e coiled tubular structure arising from the dermis that secretes sweat into a hair follicle in the pubic area

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  1. incision into the bladder
  2. painful
  3. pinkeye
  4. a bone of the appendicular skeleton
  5. anatomical division of the abdomen located in the middle region below the navel

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  1. lymphadenitisinflammation of the lymph nodes


  2. resectionexcision, removal


  3. rhinoplastynot a method of trating mental disorders


  4. cholelithiasismedical term meaning abnormal condition of gallstones


  5. sebumabbreviation for the term biopsy


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