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  1. aden/o
  2. lacrimal
  3. caries
  4. thyroid gland
  5. mouth
  1. a goiter is an enlargement of the
  2. b gland
  3. c medical term for tooth decay
  4. d not an endocrine gland
  5. e combining form or/o

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  1. opening in the center of the iris
  2. brain
  3. study of human work requirements and environments
  4. stoppage of bleeding
  5. combining form stands for a section of the colon

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  1. bxabbreviation for the term biopsy


  2. aneurysmthe clear sticky fluid that remains after the blood has clotted


  3. scleraoutermost layer of the eye, referred to as the "white" of the eye


  4. falsepseudo is a prefix meaning


  5. lumbar puncturecerebrospinal fluid is withdrawn from the lumbar back for analysis