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  1. discharge summary
  2. myringoplasty
  3. Bell's palsy
  4. phonophoresis
  5. thymectomy
  1. a a comprehensive outline of a patient's entire hospital stay
  2. b surgical repair of the eardrum
  3. c use of ultrasound waves to introduce medication through the skin and into subcutaneous tissue
  4. d surgical removal of the thymus gland
  5. e one-sided facial paralysis with unknown cause

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  1. gland secretes testosterone
  2. oophor/o
  3. slow
  4. PSA procedure provides a screening test for
  5. diagnostic term for inflammation of joints caused by an excessive amount of uric acid in the blood

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  1. mouthabnormal "crackling" sounds made during inspiration


  2. cheilorrhaphysuture the lip


  3. pituitarydiagnostic term for a condition of painful muscle cramps resulting from a low amount of calcium in the blood


  4. -algiapain


  5. cystoceleaccumulation of fluid within the testes