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  1. palatine
  2. polycythemia vera
  3. scoliosis
  4. retro-
  5. stomach lining
  1. a backward, behind
  2. b not a connective tissue
  3. c this is not a salivary gland
  4. d condition produces too many red blood cells by the bone marrow
  5. e diagnostic term that means "abnormal (lateral) curve of the spine

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  1. beginning of menstuation and the ability to reproduce
  2. abnormal skin condition
  3. gland and hormone stimulates the deposition of calcium into bone
  4. crin/o
  5. benign growth or tumor in the uterus

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  1. spleennot an organ of the respiratory system


  2. -megalyabnormal enlargement


  3. TURPacute respiratory condition found in infants characterized by a barking cough


  4. choroidouter portion of the kidney


  5. ultrasounduse of high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of intrernal structures