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  1. cytotoxic cells
  2. hydrocele
  3. arthralgia
  4. lung
  5. pyeloplasty
  1. a pain in the joint
  2. b combining form pneum/o
  3. c surgical repair of the renal pelvis
  4. d natural killer (NK) cells
  5. e accumulation of fluid within the testes

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  1. mediastinum does not contain this
  2. destruction of a nerve
  3. slow
  4. gland and hormone stimulates the deposition of calcium into bone
  5. organization that contracts with a group of physicians and other health care workers to provide care exclusivly for its members

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  1. anitgenhair cells in this area change vibrations to electrical impulses for hearing


  2. Type 1insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus


  3. -uriacondition of the urine


  4. Bell's palsygland secretes testosterone


  5. scoliosisprefix trans-


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