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  1. physician
  2. encephalosclerosis
  3. urethralgia
  4. acute care hospital
  5. -stenosis
  1. a anesthesiologist
  2. b brain hardening
  3. c narrowing
  4. d urethra pain
  5. e health care setting that typically provides services to diagnose and treat diseases for a short period of time

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  1. using heat, cold, electricity, or chemicals to scar, burn, or cut tissue
  2. diagnostic term for twisting or kinking of the intestine causing intestinal obstruction
  3. diagnostic term for a hereditary bleeding disease in which there is a prolonged clotting time
  4. removing impurities from the body
  5. surgical repair

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  1. nephrolithiasiscondition of stones in the kidney


  2. frontal planepain in the joint


  3. pyogenicaround


  4. sebumlargest section of the brain


  5. stomachcombining form or/o