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  1. ureterostenosis
  2. gall
  3. polymyositis
  4. episiorrhaphy
  5. closed
  1. a narrowing of the ureter
  2. b combining for chol/e
  3. c medical term for a simple fracture that does not break through the skin
  4. d suture of the vulva
  5. e inflammation of many muscles

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  1. inflammation of the inner lining of the heart
  2. micturition
  3. x-ray film of the renal pelvis with a contrast medium injected into a vein
  4. gland
  5. record of the electricity of the heart

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  1. hemiplegiamedical term commonly known as headache


  2. TURPstone


  3. epinephrinehormone that assists the body to deal with stress and emergency conditions


  4. palatineabnormal softening


  5. necrosisabnormal condition of no sweat