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  1. phagocyte
  2. leukemia
  3. fats
  4. retina
  5. deep
  1. a substances not associated with disease if it is found in the urine
  2. b a structure located farthest from the surface of the body is
  3. c cell that has the ability to ingest and destroy bacteria
  4. d diagnostic term for a disease characterized by excessive increase in abnormal while blood cells in the bone marrow
  5. e layer of eye that receives and transmits light impulses of the brain

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  1. painful
  2. medical speciality deals with the digestive system
  3. not an organ of the respiratory system
  4. large, thick-walled vessels
  5. small worm-like outgrowth at the end of the cecum

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  1. stomach liningorgan found in the respiratory system


  2. cardiomegalyprocess of measuring the intraocular pressure of the eye


  3. aneurysmdiagnostic term that means weakness in the wall of an artery that results in localized widening of the artery


  4. malignant melanomadangerous form of skin cancer caused by an overgrowth of melanin-producing cells


  5. arthroscopyvisual examination of a joint