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  1. vaccine
  2. PPD
  3. BCG
  4. DTH
  5. carotenoids
  1. a the ... (aka skin response to TB antigen) occurs 2 weeks after infection
  2. b or Bacille Calmette Guerin, is a mutant of M. bovis that is attenuated, and is the strain used for the TB vaccine which is the most widely given vaccine in the world (100 million per year worldwide)
  3. c ,,, are produced by the mycobacteria and are called photochromogens
  4. d the .. for TB is the most widely used ... in the entire world, but it is not a great ... because it protects against TB during infancy only, plus it left similar scar to that of smallpox vaccine
  5. e repeat .... boost the immune response, they do not create false positives

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  1. some issues related to TB ... include
    1. relatively few drugs to treat with
    2. emerging antibiotic resistance
    3. length of therapy
    4. drug delivery
    5. difficulty killing latent bacteria
    6. macrophage penetration
    7. drug interactions-- don't work well with HIV treatments
  2. the hallmark of M. tb is the caseating ... which can be good (contains infection) but for bacteria
    1. site of latency
    2. but is only good to a point, because in order to spread to new host, must case pulmonary disease
  3. ... is scientist that gave us germ theory (postulates)
    1. organism present in only infected animals
    2. organism can be isolated from such animals
    3. isolated organism causes disease in healthy animal
    4. organism can be reisolated
  4. interplay between TB and ... may change the balance, leading to control of diseas
  5. the PPD test is also not ... enough because it cross reacts with other mycobacteria

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  1. BCGtreatment for an active adult TB infection is with a 4 drug cocktail for ... months


  2. M. ulcerans.... mycobacterium are found in water microenvironments such as water insects or amebas, or mosquitos (not 100% sure)


  3. mycobacteria...c an also be distinguished from other forms of bacterial infection using molecular probes ie PCR, or liquid chromatography of the lipids


  4. screeningin your general ... when you have a patient with TB ask about
    1. known exposure to person with active TB
    2. immigration from an endemic area
    3. prolonged exposure to immigrants from endemic area
    4. travel to endemic area
    5. incarceration
    6. immunosuppression
    7. poverty/drug use/cramped living


  5. chest x-raya ... is a tool often used to help us see if patient has an active TB infection, as well as the physical exam and a through history