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  1. neutrophils
  2. nonchromogens
  3. active
  4. caseating
  5. M. ulcerans
  1. a .. are the immune cells that are the phagocytic cell usually in the bloodstream, and sets extracellular DNA traps
  2. b the granulomas formed by TB bacteria in the lungs are .... so you see areas of necorsis around the epitheliod cells and lymphocytes
  3. c .... mycobacterium are found in water microenvironments such as water insects or amebas, or mosquitos (not 100% sure)
  4. d if a person has a positve PPD or IGRA, and any abnormal exam findings, history or chest x-ray, could have an ... case of TB and could be contagious
  5. e ... are always pigmented (buff color)

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  1. the BCG vaccine does not provide ... immunity, so even when given in mass, does not protect the unvaccinated
  2. the .. for TB is the most widely used ... in the entire world, but it is not a great ... because it protects against TB during infancy only, plus it left similar scar to that of smallpox vaccine
  3. aka PPD test evokes a delayed type hypersensitivity response IF it is a familar antigen, and is injected intradermally
  4. in the normal disease pathway when the lysosome containing antigen-microbe fuses with phagosome, see pH fall, due to reactive oxygen species in there, and microbe dies and degrades, and then pieces of it (antigens) are displayed on the MHC II which is presented to CD4 helper T cells
  5. .. is a type of mycobacteria that is the agent of leprosy

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  1. extensively... tb infections are marked by pulmonary disease, which can be seen on chest x-ray (abnormal), and are contagious, will have positive PPD test


  2. 30-50%the BCG vaccine provides about .... efficacy against severe disease in infancy (ie disseminated/miliary or menengitis), but unfortunately this vaccine does not protect against pulmonary or non-infancy disease-- so no herd immunity


  3. diagnosisoften a ... of TB is still just based on clinical observation and with no microbiological proof


  4. armadillos... are a reservoir for M . leprae in the wild an dmay transmit the infection to humans


  5. interferon gamma release assaysaka IGRAs are assays in the works that should help with TB diagnosis, that would have benefits over PPD in some respects