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  1. cavitary
  2. PPD
  3. acid fast
  4. treatment
  5. 10-20%
  1. a all people with latent TB have a .... life time risk of developing active TB, with the greatest risk in the first 2 years after infection, higher risk in children, and higher still in immune compromised folks
  2. b repeat .... boost the immune response, they do not create false positives
  3. c ... tuberculosis can be seen in the lung tissue as pockets of bad looking tissue (granulomas), and TB near airway when we cough, spews out
  4. d some issues related to TB ... include
    1. relatively few drugs to treat with
    2. emerging antibiotic resistance
    3. length of therapy
    4. drug delivery
    5. difficulty killing latent bacteria
    6. macrophage penetration
    7. drug interactions-- don't work well with HIV treatments
  5. e ... means that these bacteria have cell walls that are rich in lipids (makes it waxy) and this allows methane dyes such as carbol-fuchsin , crystal violet, auramine/rhodamine, to bind and bind so fast that they are not removed even with ethanol/hydrochloric acid

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  1. the granulomas formed by TB bacteria in the lungs are .... so you see areas of necorsis around the epitheliod cells and lymphocytes
  2. .... tb infections are usually contained in the body somewhere, so are not contagious, but PPD test will be positive, and chest xray is normal or see calcifications
  3. aka fish tank granuloma is makred by slowly progressive non-healing papulonodules, can will have positive PPD test, and nodules should be biopsied for pathology and culture. And treatment is 2 drugs for 4 to 6 months (ie clarithromycin, rifampin, ciprofloacin-- depnding on what bacteria strain is sensitive to which drugs
  4. mycobacteria during their infectious process induces .... formation due to lipid content in cell wall
  5. .... mycobacterium are found in water microenvironments such as water insects or amebas, or mosquitos (not 100% sure)

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  1. infectedan ... person with M. tuberculosis, bovis, or africaneum, can be either clincially ill with active TB that is contagious, or can be clinically well with normal chest x-ray but has latent TB that is not contagious


  2. classicacid fast bacteria have stain that sticks to the cell wall so well because the cell walls are ... rich, making them look waxy


  3. TBthe ... (aka skin response to TB antigen) occurs 2 weeks after infection


  4. TBthe ... vaccine is given in countries where TB infection is endemic, shortly after birth


  5. photochromogens... are pigments produced by the mycobacteria, that when exposed to light will change color due to the production of carotenoids