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  1. screening
  2. photochromogens
  3. macrophages and lymphocytes
  4. neutrophils
  5. latent
  1. a cellular immunity driven by ... immune system cells, is critical for the control of infection
  2. b .. are the immune cells that are the phagocytic cell usually in the bloodstream, and sets extracellular DNA traps
  3. c ... TB occurs in a person that has been infected with tuberculosis type mycobacteria, that can be clinically well (ie clear chest x-ray) and is not contagious to others
  4. d ... are pigments produced by the mycobacteria, that when exposed to light will change color due to the production of carotenoids
  5. e in your general ... when you have a patient with TB ask about
    1. known exposure to person with active TB
    2. immigration from an endemic area
    3. prolonged exposure to immigrants from endemic area
    4. travel to endemic area
    5. incarceration
    6. immunosuppression
    7. poverty/drug use/cramped living

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  1. the mycolic acid lipis in mycobacteria cell walls have 70 to 90 ... while our human lipid membranes usually have 16 or so ....
  2. the ... mycoplasma bacteria settle in the alveolus, and will eventually get into the macrophage where it can replicate in peace, and will eventually invade the lymph nodes with the aid of the infected macrophage
  3. ... infections have bee shown to run in families, so may have some genetic predisposition to infection
  4. ... mycobacteria are usually rapid growers which distinguishes them from the photochromogens, scotochromogens, and nonchromogens
  5. the ... vaccine should not make the PPD positive

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  1. macrophages... are phagocytic cells that are usually located in tissue, that participate in cell signaling and cytokine activation, and are the home to M. tb


  2. M. marinum... are a reservoir for M . leprae in the wild an dmay transmit the infection to humans


  3. multi-drug... aka antibody immunity may not be important


  4. 48 to 72the PPD test must be read by health care provider in ... hours, and is also influenced by placement technique


  5. water and soilnontuberculous mycobacterium are found in the ... all around us