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  1. immune system
  2. armadillos
  3. chest x-ray
  4. nine
  5. cardiogenic
  1. a a ... is a tool often used to help us see if patient has an active TB infection, as well as the physical exam and a through history
  2. b interplay between TB and ... may change the balance, leading to control of diseas
  3. c ... are a reservoir for M . leprae in the wild an dmay transmit the infection to humans
  4. d sometimes TB infection case can present in ... shock due to TB sack around the heart
  5. e for TB treatment in child less than 5, use isoniazid for LTBI and active infection for ... months!

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  1. ,,, are produced by the mycobacteria and are called photochromogens
  2. ... can also be classified on whether or not they are
    1. photochromogens (orange with light)
    2. scotochromogens (always orange)
    3. nonchromogens (stay buff color)
    (as well as by temperature growth optimum, and growth times
  3. ... resistant TB infection are resistant to isoniazid and rifapin, found in increasing number of cases
  4. ... tb infections are marked by pulmonary disease, which can be seen on chest x-ray (abnormal), and are contagious, will have positive PPD test
  5. aka IGRAs are assays in the works that should help with TB diagnosis, that would have benefits over PPD in some respects

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  1. bacilli... are the immune cells that make immunoglobulins


  2. nonchromogens... produce carotenoids when exposed to light and will produce a bright orange or yellow color


  3. M. marinumaka fish tank granuloma is makred by slowly progressive non-healing papulonodules, can will have positive PPD test, and nodules should be biopsied for pathology and culture. And treatment is 2 drugs for 4 to 6 months (ie clarithromycin, rifampin, ciprofloacin-- depnding on what bacteria strain is sensitive to which drugs


  4. distantwhat tips the balance towards TB ... includes
    1. age: very young, teenage years, old
    2. immune status: ie immune compromised HIV AIDs, alpha inhibition therapy, immunosuppressants, innate defects
    3. heavy exposure
    4. genetics
    5. certain strains of M. tuberculosis


  5. middlein the normal disease pathway the antigen .. is ingested into phagosomal compartment of macrophages