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AP English: Ragtime Part II

MYB = Mother's Younger Brother
How does father look when he returns from his trip?
walrus tusks
What does Father give to his son as a present from the North along with an Esquimo carving?
polar bear pelt
What does Father give to his wife as a present from the North?
[just say okay] Father feels odd when he realizes that savage items were treasures to him when he was in the North
Who isn't as modest/"prude" as before Father leaves on the trip? Also, becomes more independent and radical? (admires Goldman?)
Evelyn left
Why is MYB sad and in mourning/What leads him to design dangerous fireworks?
silhouette portraits
What does the boy find at the end of Chapter 14?
Chapter 14
What chapter essentially looks at the family post-North Pole trip?
Who has a secret intellectual life?
Who is described as being mildew-y and old? Tells stories of Ovid and transformations?
Chapter 15
What chapter basically looks at the boy in the family and how he is an intellectual who is growing up yet is slightly abnormal?
Where do Tateh and the girl find work after they leave Hester St?
At what does Tateh work?
[just say okay] Tateh and girl have to live in cold, wooden tenement that is horrible during the winter; girl doesn't go to school
Who fears that the girl will have to grow up without a mother figure? Or worse, have to grow up with a mother figure she hates?
American Woolen Company
What company lowers wages in paycheck that leads to the Lawrence Strike?
[just say okay] Tateh's reaction to the strike is odd because he is glad they will be shot to death instead of starved or frozen
What organization interferes and organizes the strike to emphasize non-violence?
Ettort and Giovonetti
Who wrongly is sent to jail for murdering a woman during the Lawrence strike even though only cops and govt. officials held guns?
Who helps make posters for the strike, and feels better by producing art?
[just say okay] Tateh reluctantly signs up girl to be housed by a family in either Boston, NY, or Philadelphia during strike
Chapter 16
What chapter goes into detail on Lawrence Strike?
Chapter 17
In what chapter does Tateh decide he doesn't want to live the factory life anymore? He publishes his book.
Franklin Novelty Company
What company decides to publish Tateh's silhouette "movie books" for $25?
Henry Ford
Who believes that certain people are too stupid to do too much work, so the idea of interchangeable parts and an assembly line is better?
John Burroughs
What naturalist is Ford friends with?
Chapter 18
What chapter discusses Ford and his interchangeable parts system?
Pierpont Morgan
Who is the king of capitalism?
Who has saved the government from federal debt and controlled 741 directorships of 112 corporations?
Who has a huge nose from a skin disease that makes it keep growing?
Who appreciates the story "The Birthmark" by Hawthorne to make himself feel better about his nose?
What ship brings Morgan to Europe where he goes country to country buying art and books?
Who did Morgan believe was once a pharaoh?
Chapter 19
What chapter introduces J.P Morgan?
Charles McKim
Who designed Morgan's library, partner of Stanford White?
[just say okay] Morgan invites over Ford for a light lunch, but it's very extravagant (lamb, bisque, pie, wine, etc.)
Who doesn't smoke or drink?
What people are waiting in Morgan's parlor to talk to him about his appearance before the House Committee on banking and Finance?
secret wisdom
What is prisca theologia?
Where does Morgan invite Ford to visit?
Seti the First
What pharoah's coffin does Morgan have in his secret room?
Who believes in reincarnation after reading "An Eastern Fakir's Eternal Wisdom"?
What is the name of the club between Ford and Morgan that forms when they decide they have lived more times than others as greater people?
Chapter 20
What chapter depicts the lunch between Ford and Morgan?
What country is influencing fashion and styles at this time?
Who love Egyptian style and believes in his games that Sarah is a Nubian princess?
Coalhouse Walker Jr.
Who is the man who visits Sarah every Sunday, looking to marry her? Pianist from St. Louis; plays Joplin's ragtime
[just say okay] Mother wants to have tea with Coalhouse just as Roosevelt had dinner with Booker T Washington
Jim Europe Clef Club Orchestra
Where does Coalhouse work?
Chapter 21
What chapter introduces Coalhouse Walker Jr?
Bethesda Fountain
Where does MYB take his ladies when he's out in NY?
Cooper Union
What event is full of foreigners and protestors who are speaking of Mexican Revolution?
Ben Reitman
Who lives with Goldman and is the drink dispenser at the reception? Speaks of being tarred and feathered?
Who confronts MYB about Evelyn and although there is some sympathy, it is said that heartbreak happens every day so it isn't that big of a deal
What assassin is MYB compared to?
Chapter 22
What chapter focuses on MYB and his reunion with Goldman?
Chapter 23
What chapter shows the event that causes Coalhouse to lose his mind as his car is damaged and defecated upon?
Emerald Aisle Fire volunteers
Who damage Coalhouse's car?
Chapter 24
What chapter shows the stubbornness Coalhouse has as he is determined to get his car fixed and the whole case taken to court? Also goes into Coalhouse's life.
Chapter 25
What chapter shows the end of Sarah's life when she tries to resolve the car dispute by getting the VP Sherman involved but then is taken to prison, then a hospital, and there she dies.
What does Sarah die of?
Chapter 26
What chapter shows Sarah's fancy funeral?
[just say okay] Grandfather falls and breaks pelvis in the springtime, which symbolizes as his declining health. He is happy still though
Who becomes extremely depressed about his mother's death while he was in Europe?
Who hires a chemist and Steinmetz to work to find a way to talk to the dead so he can talk to his deceased mother?
[just say okay] Houdini works harder, almost without care for his life at all as he does more dangerous things
Chapter 27
What chapter goes into Houdini's life after his trip to Europe?
Chapter 28
What chapter describes the explosion and the reaction the family has to it?
Emeral Aisle Engine
What actually exploded?
Who does Father blame for letting Sarah into the house and putting them all in a sensitive situation?
Who takes Coalhouse's side on his murder streak?
Who claims they will kill people, even entire towns, until his car is returned to its original condition?