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Byzantine Empire

section 3
when did byzantine empire reach its high point
AD 500S
what happened in AD 500
the empire stretched west to italy,south egypt,to border arabia
what made up byzantine empire largestgroup
greeks, many other people that included; syrians,arabs, Armenia,jews,slaves,turks
what did constantine call new rome capital
constnaople: it was cpaital of byzantine empire
when constanople become worlds greatest city
AD 500S
why was constanpe succeafuul
it locaton,it harbor ferend afe shlter for boats,it sat on tradroutes oneurope and asia, trade made city wealthy,secure land location,lying on penisula,well defended
where did constanople locaion lay
black/aegan sea
what ways to byzantines f ollow
roman ways
what was contantiople known as
new rome
why was it called new rome
it was built in roman style and had oval arena, politcla and social life was based on rome and empires spoke latin enforeced roman laws. many ppl once lived in rome
time passed the empie became less rome more__
greek: most spoe it and honroedgreek pasts
what happned between ad 500-ad1200
byzantines had richest and powerfullest empire
when did justinian becom emperor
ad 565
was a strong leader,controlled and made laws,supreme judge, and order werent quiestioned
. she was former actress, srong and intelligent,
what did theoora help justina do
run empire, enforce laws and elct govermnt oficials,and convinced him to give women more rights,
what happned in 532ad
theodora helped save justian throne
what did justian wanna do ro empire
reuinte roman empire and bring glory to do it he conquered westerope ad north africa
general justian ordered to treghten and lead byzanine arm. when he took command he reorganized the army.he utilied soldiers
what happned undr justian reighn
byzantine conquered italy north afrca ast persia.. he conquered to muh to quickly
what happned after justian died
empire din have money to pay or army large enough to hold territory in west. about 3 yrs after deth italy lost to geramn invader
what did justian think about the laws
they were disorganized and to diffcultot understand
a group of soldiers leaders by_____to reorm law code
what was group new simpliied code called
jusian code, it helped everyone understand laws more clearly.it had great influence on laws in europpe