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  1. How can one prevent back pain?
  2. Be familiar with the tests to measure muscular strength and endurance.
  3. Define body composition and essential and storage fat.
  4. 2008 Federal Guidelines for Physical Activity
  5. How does the environment influence our nutrition?
  1. a Consume a variety of foods from the basic food groups-stay within energy needs. Be physical every day. Control calorie intake to control body weight. If you drink alcoholic drinks do so in moderation. Increase daily intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and non fat and low fat milks. Choose carbohydrates wisely for good health. Choose and prepare foods with less salt. Choose fat wisely for good health. Keep food safe to eat.
  2. b The fat and nonfat components of the human body is important in assessing required honey wheat. Essential fat is the minimum amount of body fat needed for normal physiological function constitutes about 3% of total weight in men and 12% in women. Stored body fat is fat excess of essential fat stored in adipose tissue.
  3. c We Americans are in an environment that now eats all the time. If you see a person eating, you want to eat too
  4. d 1. Be physically active 2. regularly strengthen the core of the body 3. lift heavy objects by bending knees 4.sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees or on your side with your knees drawn up in a small pillow between your knees (see page 271 for additional information)
  5. e Bench jumps, modified push-ups (women), modified dips (man), bent leg curl up, abdominal crunches (see page 218 for additional exercises)

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  1. 120/80
  2. Science-based advice to promote health and reduce the risk for major chronic diseases through diet and physical activity.
  3. A training concept that the demand placed on a system (cardiorespiratory or muscular) must be increased systematically and progressively over time to cause physiological adaptation (development or improvement).
  4. It is important because it affects our health in your will to exercise
  5. Physical fitness standards are set higher than health fitness standards and require a more intensive exercise program. Health benefits can be reaped with a healthy fitness program, although fitness improvements are not as noticeable. Physical fitness is enjoyed by people of all ages who have the freedom to enjoy most of life's daily and recreational activities to their fullest potential. Current health fitness standards may not be enough to achieve these goals.

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  1. Know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.Aerobic activity requires oxygen to produce the necessary energy to carry out the activity as anaerobic does not require oxygen to produce the necessary energy to carry out activity.


  2. Why is it important to assess body composition?Yes, BMI incorporates a right and weight to estimate critical fat values on which the risk for disease increases however it does not provide an estimate of percent body fat.


  3. What is the role of water in the diet?A perception scale to monitor or interpret the intensity of aerobic exercise


  4. How much weight do most adults gain per year?1 to 2 pounds a year


  5. Define periodization.A training approach that divides the season into three cycles (macro cycles, meso cycles and micro-cycles) using a systematic variation in intensity and volume of training to enhance fitness and formants