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  1. What factors affect strength?
  2. What is a vegetarian?
  3. What are the most common barriers to change?
  4. Health versus Physical Fitness.
  5. What factors determine health and longevity?
  1. a Individuals whose diet is of vegetables or plant origin.
  2. b Physical fitness standards are set higher than health fitness standards and require a more intensive exercise program. Health benefits can be reaped with a healthy fitness program, although fitness improvements are not as noticeable. Physical fitness is enjoyed by people of all ages who have the freedom to enjoy most of life's daily and recreational activities to their fullest potential. Current health fitness standards may not be enough to achieve these goals.
  3. c Genetics, environment, and behavior
  4. d Lack of core values, procrastination, precondition cultural beliefs, gratification, risk complacency, complexity, indifference and helplessness, rationalization and illusions of invincibility
  5. e Neural stimulation, type of muscle fiber, overload, and specificity of training

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  1. May cause harm because of the excessive strain the place on muscles and joints, in particular the spine, lower back, knees, neck and shoulders
  2. We Americans are in an environment that now eats all the time. If you see a person eating, you want to eat too
  3. Toxic health begins with social influences such as peers, friends, family, workplace, school, radio, TV and movies. The environment that you live and can affect if you exercise or not and your behavior
  4. Men: 13% - 23% Women 18% - 28%
  5. The most important nutrient is water, as it is involved in almost every vital body process: in digesting and absorbing food, in producing energy, in the circulation process, in regulating body heat, and removing waste products, in building and rebuilding cells, and in transporting other nutrients.

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  1. Define and be able to give examples of healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats.Carbohydrates constitute the major source of calories the body uses to provide energy for work, maintain cells, and generate heat. Healthy carbs: breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables. Bad carbohydrates: candy, soda pancakes. Proteins are the main substance of body uses to build and repair tissues such as muscle, blood, internal organs, skin, hair, nails and bones. Good protein: two glasses of skim milk with 4 ounces of meat or fish. Bad protein: too much animal protein. Fats are a source of energy. Good balance: milk, eggs and nuts Bad fat: (trans fats) margarine, shortening, and fast foods


  2. What percentage of Americans are affected by back pain?Excessive stress causes muscles to contract. In the case of lower back, frequent tightening of the muscles can through the back out of alignment and constrict blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to the back.


  3. Be familiar with the other behavior change theoriesThe most accepted the models are learning theories, the problem-solving model, social cognitive theory, relapse preventative model, and the transtheoretical model.


  4. Be familiar with Calcium, Iron, and Sodium.Calcium is a mineral which is found in milk, yogurt and cheese and is required for strong teeth and bone formation. Iron is a major component hemoglobin and aids in the energy utilization and can be found in organ meats, lean meats, seafoods and eggs. Sodium is needed for body fluid of regulation, transmission of nerve impulses in heart action and can be found in table salt, processed foods, and meat.


  5. How does body composition change in relation to strength training?The fat and nonfat components of the human body is important in assessing required honey wheat. Essential fat is the minimum amount of body fat needed for normal physiological function constitutes about 3% of total weight in men and 12% in women. Stored body fat is fat excess of essential fat stored in adipose tissue.