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I CAN: ATOMIC THEORY *I can describe and explain the contributions that Thomson and Rutherford made to the development of the atomic theory. *I can explain how Bohr's model differed from its predecessors. *I can use Dalton's Atomic Theory to define an atom. *I can compare the nucleus to the atom, and include size, mass and charge in the answer. *I can explain the model of the atom, in terms of the relevance of the work of Dalton, Thomson, Bohr, and Rutherford. *I can describe the mass, charge, a…

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The first scientist to coin the word atom?
Democritus (1)
Who proposed his ideas about the atom: matter is composed of tiny, indivisible, and indestructible parts
Democritus (2)
He created the first atomic theory?
Dalton (1)
Who said this: Matter is composed of extremely small particles called atoms. Atoms are indivisible and indestructible. All atoms of the same element are identical in size, mass and chemical properties.
Atoms of one element are different from atoms of another element.
Dalton (2)
Who discovered the electron?
JJ Thomson
Who did the cathode ray tube and created the plum pudding model of atom (cookie dough)?
JJ Thomson
Who did the gold foil experiment that lead him to find a new atomic model and discovered the nucleus and the proton.
What is Rutherford model?
-nucleus in the middle with protons and electrons moving around outside the nucleus
Who came up with the idea that atomic structure has to do with the electron arrangement in atoms and their chemical properties.involving the atom?
Bohr (1)
What is the Bohr model?
electron traveled around the nucleus like the planets traveled around the sun--CALLED AN ORBIT, each orbit an energy level--electrons can move between the energy levels
What is the JJ Thompson model
plum pudding or chocolate chip cookie, parts of atoms spread throughout atom