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CH 15 Review Questions

Potentially infectious body fluids do not include
What color code for hazard warning labels is not correct?
Yellow for radioactivity hazards
How long is hepatitis B virus capable of surviving in a dried state on environmental surfaces?
1 week
Clean technique is another term for
Medical asepsis
Instruments that penetrate a patient's skin should be
Instruments that come in contact only with a patient's mucous membranes should be
Instruments that touch only healthy, intact skin should be
The vaccine against hepatitis B provides immunity for at least
7 years
A syndrome resulting from HIV infection that generally involves chronic systemic symptoms but lacks an opportunistic infection or Kaposi's sarcoma is known as
AIDS-related complex (ARC)
What is a readily available method to detect evidence of HIV infection?
Serological test
Which organ systems is the most commonly involved in AIDS?
Kaposi's sarcoma is a malignancy of the
Skin and lymph nodes
Anything that poses a risk to the human body or a living organism is called
A biohazard
What is a possible means of transmission of HIV?
OSHA standards require which of the following?
A written schedule for cleaning
Treating all human blood as if it were infectious is known as
Universal Precautions
Hand washing is necessary at which of the following times?
Before using gloves. Before leaving for the day. After performing a procedure. After using gloves
After you have rinsed your hands by using the aseptic hand-washing method, what step should you take next?
Dry your hands with clean paper towels and turn off faucets by using a clean paper towel
What is not an example of personal protective equipment?
A uniform
To dispose of a contaminated needle,
Drop it into the biohazardous waste container for sharps
Surgical scrub involves washing
Hands and forearms
The autoclave
Forces the temperature of steam above the boiling point of water in order to sterilize equipment
Standard Precautions are
Used mainly in hospitals
Medical asepsis is defined as which of the following?
Destruction of organisms before they enter the body
Which liquid is used in an autoclave to sterilize instruments and supplies?
Distilled water