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T'ang (618-907)

Openness to religious diversity
Intro to Manichaeism, Christianity, and Islam
Later controlled by Taoist
Suppression of Buddhism

Sung (in the south - 960-1271)

Rise of Neo-Confucianism
lasted til 20 Century

Yuan (1271-1368)

Mongolian dynasty; Confucian elite remained dominant
Introduced form of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism
Warlord, tribal leader

Ming (1368-1644)

Neo-confucian thought (metaphysical)
Limited toleration of Taoism and Buddhism
Roman catholicism becomes strong

Qing (1644-1911)

NORTH - adopt name to give them heir of indigenous
Spread of Protestantism
Opium Wars: French joined in w/ British
Tai Ping Rebellion 20,000 people in army
Boxer Rebellion - British became weak (Qing ended)
Against foreigners
Japanese DEFEATS Chinese (Created Boxer Rebellion)

20th Century

Rise of Communism

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