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  1. astro
  2. theocracy
  3. archy
  4. meritocracy
  5. disaster
  1. a a government whose leaders are selected on the basis of their ability; the most able (skillful, intelligent, wise...) hold the power
  2. b terrible event that occurs (comes from the astrological belief that when the stars are out of alignment, terrible things can happen)
  3. c government, to govern, chief, first, ancient
  4. d star
  5. e a government run by leaders of a religious group

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  1. the chief (most important) enemy
  2. the scientific study of the universe and all its stars
  3. people ranked from first (most important) to last (least important) in a classifying system
  4. a government controlled by a small group of people.
  5. a form government headed by a member of a royal family

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  1. autocracya government ruled by the elite (small section of society that controls most of the resources)


  2. astrologythe study of the supposed connection between the movement of planets and stars and human affairs


  3. archaeologystudy of ancient cultures


  4. patriarchthe chief or oldest (most ancient) or most respected male in a family; man who is regarded as the founder of something


  5. cracygovernment, to govern, power


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