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  1. disaster
  2. asterisk
  3. aristocracy
  4. astro
  5. technocracy
  1. a a hypothetical form of government in which scientists, engineers, and other technical experts are in charge
  2. b terrible event that occurs (comes from the astrological belief that when the stars are out of alignment, terrible things can happen)
  3. c star-shaped symbol (*) used to indicate footnotes, references, omissions. etc.
  4. d a government ruled by the elite (small section of society that controls most of the resources)
  5. e star

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  1. the chief (most important) enemy
  2. a government by the people; a government where a large segment of the population gets to participate in decision making.
  3. a form government headed by a member of a royal family
  4. the scientific study of the universe and all its stars
  5. a government whose leaders are selected on the basis of their ability; the most able (skillful, intelligent, wise...) hold the power

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  1. theocracya government run by leaders of a religious group


  2. anarchya form government headed by a member of a royal family


  3. matriarchthe chief or oldest (most ancient) or most respected female in a family; woman who is regarded as the founder of something


  4. bureaucracythe numerous departments and subdivisions within a government


  5. cracygovernment, to govern, chief, first, ancient


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