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crosses 1 articulation


crosses 2 articulations


anything that aids in the motion


prime mover


opposes prime mover


working together towards common cause

2 fiber types

parallel and pennate

ex. of monoarticulate muscle (4)

latissimus dorsi, teres major, ant-middle deltoid

ex. of biarticulate muscle (2)

biceps brachialis, pronator teres

Total muscle load is greater in sets of _____ muscles when compared to ______ muscles

biarticular, monoarticular

_____ muscles require more energy to perform the same work


_____ arrangements allow specific muscles to perform work at joint that they do not cross


_____ muscles function as joint stabilizers


Muscular insufficiency (2 aspects)

active and passive


muscle cannot produce enough tension to cause the full ROM to be achieved


muscle cannot be stretched enough to provide full ROM

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