Module 6 Quiz

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The path of the optic nerve passes from the _____________ to the _______________.
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Martha performed the Romberg test and was able to keep her balance with her eyes open. However, as soon as she closed her eyes, she became unsteady. Which of the following is true regarding the results of her test?

a) She likely has sensory ataxia because she is using her eyes to maintain balance

b) She has a positive Romberg sign

c) Cerebellar ataxia can be ruled out

d) All options are correct
A clinician working with a patient suspects coordination issues by observing his gait. Which of the following tests would further help to identify a coordination problem?Heel to shin testTrue or False? Pathologic nystagmus is fatigable and habituates in central vestibular disorders.False (peripheral)What is the associated Visual Field Loss that correspond with lesions marked in #2 (optic chaism)?loss of the temporal visual field from both eyesWhich of the following tests would be used to detect the onset of vertigo and nystagmus associated with BPPV?Dix Hallpike ManeuverTrue or False? Nausea and vomiting is more severe in Central Nervous System disordersFalse (peripheral)Which of the following activities utilizes saccades?Reading