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BRAF signalingWhat does Encorafenib inhibit?used to MONITOR response and progression of disease NOT DIAGNOSISWhat is Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) used for?Cure = Stage I-III Prolong survival and reduce symptoms = Stage IVWhat stages of colon cancer can we cure and not cure?Surgery (Resection)what is the primary treatment for stages I-III?RadiationWhat therapy is not commonly used for colon cancer?Stage I - not recommended just remove it Stage II - only if they have high risk features Stage III - adjuvant chemo therapy is standard of care FOLFOX or CapeOxWhen is Adjuvant treatment recommended? What stages?I - surgery II - surgery and consider chemo for high risk (wont have to know high risk on exam) III - surgery and chemo combo (FOLFOX or CapeOx)Summary of Treatments: I - II - III -MOA: VEGF inhibitor / angiogenesis inhibitor ADE: HTN, hemorrhagic issues, GI bleed, do not give within 28 days of surgeryWhat are the MOA's and ADE's of Bevacizumab?MOA: EGFR inhibitor ADE: Acneiform RashWhat is cetuximab MOA? ADE:helps to inactivated 5-FU - it is the rate limiting enzyme (if we don't have it then could lead to serious toxicities)What does DPYD do?inactivate irinotecan.... Have to have UGT1A1 testing if irinotecan dose ≥ 180mgWhat does UGT1A1 do?