lung and bronchus
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False - just smokersT/F everyone should get screened for lung cancer..BRAF ALK PD-L1 EGFR These are actionableWhat biomarkers are associated with lung cancer?PD-L1: Pembrolizumab / Nivolumab EGFR: Osimertibin / Erlotinib ALK: Alectinib BRAF: Dabrafenib / trametinib VEGF: BevacizumabWhat drugs are for which biomarker? PD-L1: EGFR: ALK: BRAF: VEGF:elevated LDH is associated with poor survivalWhat is associated with poor prognosis?Stage I-III (Limited Stage) chemotherapy + RadiationWhat SCLC do we try to treat for a curative intent?Cisplatin or Carboplatin + etoposideWhat is the standard of care for limited stage SCLC?palliation, prolong life can do chemotherapyWhat are the goals of extensive stage SCLC?Carboplatin + etoposide + atezolizumabWhat is the standard of care for extensive stage SCLC?≤ 6 months since therapy = use new drugs > 6 months since therapy = use same drugsWhat do we do for patients that relapse?- smoking cessation - routine follow-up - supportive care PCI for patients with good response to initial therapyWhat are some additional considerations for treatment?Stage I-III = surgeryWhat do we do for NSCLC treatment?Cisplatin + something elseIf chemotherapy is decided to be done for NSCLC...what is used?if no disease progression on initial therapy = use at least 1 drug from initial regimen / or switch if failed initial therapy = re-evaluate treatmentFor maintenance therapy what do we do?smoking cessation f-up q 3-6 months with chest CT immunizations wellness pain management N/VWhat is done for surveillance and supportive care?