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cell wall

support and protection for plant cells
RIGID(stiff) , nonliving, allows water oxygen, carbon,dioxide, disolved materials pass in and out of cell.

cell membrane

the doorway of the cell,
protection & support for cell, tiny opening (pores) controls movement in and out of cell.


the cell's control center
large oval, acts as the "brains" to chromosomes and nucleolus.


"little nucleus" found inside nucleus
sight of ribosome production


clear, thick, jelly-like substance, mostly water
between nucleus and cell membrane
always moving, contains many important organelles.


the cells energy producers
large, irregularly shaped green structures
contail chlorophyll
Photocynthesis occurs here.


the sun catcher
found in chloroplasts, green pigment, captures energy from the sun.


the cell's powerhouse
rod- shaped structure that provides most of the cell's energy, the mitochondria the more energy.

endoplasmic reticulum

...the transportation system of the cell
tubular pasageways out of the nuclear membrane, carry proteins (ribosomes) from one part of cell to another or through cell membrane out of cell.


...the cell's protein factories
grain like bodies, some float freely in the cytoplasm.


..the cells storage tanks
in plant cells, stores mostly water
in animal cells stores water, food, starch, for cell.
also stores wastes.

Robert Hooke

...discovered cells (tiny roomlike structures) while looking at cork slices. (outer walls of dead plant cells)

Anton Van Leeweunhoek

..used a.simple microscope "microscopia" to look at blood, rainwater, teeth scrapings (tiny living single cells) "animalcules"


...building blocks of life


"tiny organs" that make up a cell

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