16 terms

Chapter 14: The Human Genome

photograph of chromosomes grouped in order in pairs
sex chromosomes
One of the pair of chromosomes that determine the sex of an individual
chromosome that is not a sex chromosome
chart that shows the relationships within a family
sex-linked gene
gene located on the X or Y chromosome
diseases caused by recessive alleles
albinism, cystic fibrosis, galactosemia, phenylketonuria (PKU), Tay-Sachs disease
cystic fibrosis
an inherited disease of the respiratory system in which excessive mucus clots in the lungs usually results in premature death
sickle cell disease
Misshapen, or sickled, red blood cells; damage to many tissues; Codominant
achondroplasia, huntington disease, hypercholoesterolemia
disorder caused by dominant alleles
sickle cell disease
disorder caused by codominant alleles
accumulation of phenylalanine in tissuesl lack of normal skin pigment; mental retardation
tay-sachs disease
lipid accumulation in brain cells; mental deficiencyl blindness; death in early childhood
huntington disease
mental deterioration and uncontrollable movements; symptioms usually appear in middle age
sex linked disorder. no blood clotting
duchenne muscular dystrophy
sex linked disorder that results in the progressive weakening and loss of skeletal muscle
down syndrome
trisomy, increased susceptibility to many disease