11 terms

types of propaganda

• Name-calling
attaching derogatory labels
• Glittering Generalities
using vague words or ideas to make something acceptable
• Transfer
associating a person or idea with something everyone thinks is good.
• Testimonial
getting a well-known person to endorse another person, product or idea.
• Plain folks, common man
going out of their way to appear to be 'just like us.'
• Card-stacking
showing only the good side of anything.
• Bandwagon
convincing people that everyone else is doing the same thing
• Half-truths
using a germ of easily perceived truth makes the validity of the entire package more acceptable.
• Loaded words
using words whose connotation is generally accepted by the audience as positive (or negative) in order to create a subconscious association.
• Picture-perfect
creating a photograph or drawing which either literally or inferentially presents the desired image.
• Self-appeal
selling an idea based on human desires for such things as safety, comfort, acceptability, pleasure, security, religious or philosophical ideals, health, personal appearance or beauty, sex appeal, or social status.