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aqueous humor
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myopianearsighted, cannot see far, eye too long, image falls shortastigmatismmisshapen cornea or lens; part of vision unfocused or fuzzy; light goes to multiple pointsphotoreceptorsneurons in retina that convert light into electrical signalsrodsin the periphery; work best for black and white, night, sensitive movementconesin the center; works best for color, bright light and fine detailmonochromatstotal color blindness; have 1 of 3 types of conesdichromatspartial color blindness; have 2 of 3 types of conestrichromatshaving normal color vision; sensitive to all 3 primary colorsFigure and Ground (Gestalt)objects that stand out from their surroundings; some ambiguous stimuli can trigger more than one perceptionProximity (gestalt)objects near each other tend to be grouped togethercontinuation (gestalt)perceptions tend toward simplicity and continuityclosure (gestalt)tendency to complete something that seems incompletesimilarity (gestalt)stimuli that are similar in size, shape, color and form tend to be grouped together; stimuli is perceived related even if it is notconnectedness (gestalt)mistake of connecting two truly irrelevant things -looks whole instead of disjointeddepth perceptionthe ability to see objects in space as 3-D -experiments show depth perception in infants and young animals partly innate -use both monocular and binocular cuesmonocularinfo comes from one eyebinocularinfo comes from two eyesmotion perceptionbrain assumes shrinking objects retreating and enlarging objects approaching -perceive larger objects moving more slowlystroboscopic perceptionperceiving rapid series of varying images as continual movementconstancy perceptionretain object size, color, brightness, shape regardless of location