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Names from chapter 14.

(Andres) Vesalius

Father of Anatomy


Chemicals in treatments

(William) Harvey

Blood Circulation

(Edward) Jenner


(Nicolas) Copernicus

Heliocentric system

(Johannes) Kepler

Elliptical orbits

Galileo (Galilei)

Pendulums, telescopes

(Isaac) Newton


(Robert) Boyle

Inverse gas law

(Joseph) Priestley

Discovered important chemicals

(Antone Lauren) Lavoisier

Father of Modern Chemistry, Law of conversation

(Anton van) Leeuwenhoek

Improved microscopes, discovered microbes and bacteria

(Gerhardus) Mercator

Map the earth on flat surface

(Roger) Bacon

Inductive reasoning. _Novum Organum_, question all existing knowledge

(Renté) Descartes

Deductive reasoning. Relied on reason aded by mathematics. Doubt everything. Find one undoubted truth and move to more complex truths.

(Baruch) Spinoza

Promoted Pantheism.

(John) Locke

Constructed Empiricism, belived man had natural and inalienable rights, _Treatises of Government_, consent by the governed.


Exiled for scathing remarks about government, outspoken critic of social abuses, political and religious intolerance.

(Denis) Diderot

edited the _Encyclopédie_

(Jean Jacques) Rousseau

"Father of Romanticism" _The Social Contract_

(Philip) Spener

Lutheran minister, organized bible study and prayer, wrote _Pia Desideria_

(August) Francke

German Professor, trained pastors and missionaries, established 21 educational institutions

(Nikolaus von) Zinzendorf

German noble, establish Moravians

(John) Wesley

Anglican Preacher, Missionary to American Indians, traveling preacher in England

(George) Whitfield

Traveling evangelist, made 7 trips to America

(Jonathan) Edwards

congregational preacher, stressed need for personal conversion, most famous sermon "Sinners in the Hand of Angry God"

(Theodore) Frelinghuysen

Dutch Reformed pastor, ministered in Middle Colonies

(Sir William) Tennent

Scotch-Irish teacher, ministered in Middle Colonies, trained preachers

(Giovanni) Bernini

Italian artist, most famous architect, noted sculpture and painter.

(Peter Paul) Rubens

Flemish artist, popularized baroque painting, in high demand as painter

Rembrant (van Rijn)

Dutch painter, created moods on canvas, inspired by biblical stories

(Antone) Watteau

Rocco French artist, reflected court life

(Claudio) Monteverdi

Italian composer, famous for operas

(George Fredrick) Handle

considered as English composer, composed Italian operas and oratorios, Messiah

(Johann Sebastian) J. S. Bach

german composer, mostly composed church music, not widely know, _Passion according to St. Mathew_

(Franz Joseph) Haydn

Austrian Musician, "Father of Symphony"

(Wolfgang) Mozart

Austrian musical genius, versatile composer


French Playwrite, remembered for comedies

(Alexander) Pope

English Poet/Satirist, most quoted

(Jonathan) Swift

English Satirist, master of prose, most famous work = Gulliveries Travels

(Daniel) Defoe

English, Robinson Crusoe

(Edward) Gibbon

English, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

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