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Which of the following ways is the best approach to healthy eating?
Select one:
A. Increase saturated fats
B. Eat large portion sizes
C. Focus on one type of food
D. Limit calories from added sugar
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The psychology of getting along with others is referred to as: A. Attitude B. Personality C. Communication D. Human relationsD. Human relationsPersistence means: A. Changing all the time B. Holding others in high regard C. Seeing yourself in positive ways D. Staying the course and not giving upD. Staying the course and not giving upAll of the following tips can help to manage stress EXCEPT: A. Asking for help B. Getting regular exercise C. Avoiding getting organized D. Practicing deep breathingC. Avoiding getting organizedWhich of the following recommendations will help prevent shoulder problems? A. Lift and carry heavy objects B. Position treatment table below elbow height C. Reach across the client's body to apply products D. Do range-of-motion exercises for arms and shouldersD. Do range-of-motion exercises for arms and shouldersKeeping the abdomen flat, the chin level and the head up are key points in having: A. Bad posture B. Good posture C. Potential injuries D. A poor standing positionB. Good postureWendy is an excellent listener. Her clients really appreciate her focused attention on their conversations. Which of the following statements describes Wendy's listening skills? A. Speaks most of the time B. Able to be present in the moment C. Able to finish her client's sentences D. Allows her clients to do all the talking and never asks questionsB. Able to be present in the momentAdjusting your behavior to ensure your messages are being understood, and adapting your approach, is referred to as: A. Flexing B. Reflecting C. Respecting D. InteractingA. FlexingPositive self-esteem in action can be described as: A. Smiling rarely B. Avoiding eye contact C. Telling the truth and keeping commitments D. Having negative beliefs about family/societyC. Telling the truth and keeping commitmentsWhy is achieving emotional balance especially important in the salon/spa industry? A. Involves controlling how other people behave B. Confidence entrusted to estheticians is often broken C. Involves constant interaction with clients and co-workers D. Emotions will be scattered throughout the creative processC. Involves constant interaction with clients and co-workersWhich of the following skills are just as important to your success as your technical skills? A. Shopping B. Drawing C. Coloring D. CommunicationD. CommunicationWhich of the following terms is NOT one of the three energy nutrients contained in almost all foods? A. Fats B. Keratin C. Proteins D. CarbohydratesB. KeratinSaying the proper thing without offending someone is known as: A. Tact B. Repeating C. Responding D. ParaphrasingA. TactA general recommendation to help an esthetician prevent neck and back problems would include: A. Sitting with legs crossed B. Working with the back straight C. Bending at waist while lifting heavy objects D. Standing with feet spread beyond hip widthB. Working with the back straightAll of the following are trust-busters in a work environment EXCEPT: A. Integrity B. Insincerity C. Poor work ethic D. Self-absorbed behaviorA. IntegrityA routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously is known as a(n): A. Goal B. Skill C. Habit D. EmotionC. HabitResilience is all about making mistakes and: A. Crushing trust B. Bouncing back C. Not showing respect D. Not admitting they happenedB. Bouncing backKeeping muscles toned, organs working properly and equipping the body to better cope with a stressful situation are proven results related to: A. Hygiene B. Exercise C. Ergonomics D. Human relationsB. ExerciseYou can show your commitment to excellence in your career by doing all of the following actions EXCEPT: A. Attending seminars, shows and workshops B. Learning everything you can in school C. Avoiding participation in school activities D. Keeping pace with what's happening in the industryC. Avoiding participation in school activitiesPhysical environmental factors that can directly affect your body include UV exposure, humidity levels and: A. Image B. Hygiene C. Vitamins D. AltitudeD. AltitudeWhich of the following considerations will help prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)? A. Use proper equipment B. Perform unnecessary reaching C. Use inappropriate body movements D. Practice bad work habitsA. Use proper equipmentWhich of the following statements describes courtesy? A. Impatient gestures B. Controversial topics C. Arrive at work on time D. Rudeness toward othersC. Arrive at work on timeAn inflammation of the fluid sac that lies between a tendon and skin or bone is called: A. Bursitis B. Tendonitis C. Carpal tunnel D. Varicose veinsA. BursitisWhat is an example of mutual respect in the salon/spa? A. Waiting for others to smile at you B. Withholding praise in order to feel superior C. Acting as if everyone's schedule revolves around you D. Assessing every situation and the effect of your behavior on othersD. Assessing every situation and the effect of your behavior on othersAll of the following topics are considered to be controversial for discussion with the client EXCEPT: A. Religion B. Politics C. Personal problems D. Skin care needsD. Skin care needsThe tempo used during a verbal exchange is called the: A. Rate B. Pitch C. Force D. GrammarA. RateInflammation. decreased immune response. hormone imbalances and mental health issues can be a result of? A. Relaxation B. Nutrition C. Chronic stress D. Sufficient nutrientsC. Chronic stressA thick cream or salve made from the combination of herbs and petroleum is called a(n): A. Tincture B. Ointment C. Glucoside D. Active ingredientB. OintmentWhich concentrated trace element in sea plants help neutralize free-radical skin damage? A. Enzymes B. Vitamins C. Natural antioxidants D. Essential amino acidsC. Natural antioxidantsWhat carrier oil is good for reducing wrinkles, stretch marks and scars? A. Olive oil B. Jojoba oil C. Coconut oil D. Grapeseed oilD. Grapeseed oilAll of the following essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to the skin EXCEPT: A. Lemon B. Neroli C. Tea tree D. Ylang-ylangC. Tea treeMixing crushed herbs and hot liquid to form a paste is called a (n): A. Poultice B. Infusion C. Decoction D. FomentationA. PoulticeAny treatment using sea products, such as seawater, sea mud, sea sand and sea plants is known as: A. Thalassotherapy B. Hydrotherapy C. Aromatherapy D. ReflexologyA. ThalassotherapyAccording to what principles can optimal health only be achieved if a person's body and emotional state are in balance? A. Reiki B. Meditation C. Ayurveda D. PhytotherapyC. AyurvedaWhich of the following is the largest category of fragrance? A. Floral B. Oriental C. Spice blend D. Floral bouquetD. Floral bouquetAn esthetician's hands should be clean, well manicured and: A. Soft B. Rough C. Chafed D. RuggedA. SoftMaintaining good posture and moving properly will do all of the following benefits EXCEPT: A. Reduce physical fatigue B. Present an attractive image C. Slows the blood circulation in your body D. Protect you from muscle strain and potential injuryC. Slows the blood circulation in your bodyThe body uses energy from calories in all of the following ways EXCEPT: A. Build its structure B. Regulate body temperature C. Relieve neck and back pain D. Love its parts during exercise and activitiesC. Relieve neck and back painWhen sitting in a chair, it is important to: A. Keep feet apart B. Keep knees apart C. Sit forward in the chair D. Sit well back in the chairD. Sit well back in the chairWhich of the following minerals builds and strengthens teeth and bones? A. Iron B. Sodium C. Calcium D. PotassiumC. Calcium