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  1. precedent
  2. adversary
  3. craven
  4. punitive
  5. sojourn
  1. a a temporary stay
  2. b inflicting punishment
  3. c cowardly
  4. d an enemy
  5. e an example serving as a basis

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  1. to erase, wipe, cut out
  2. to enliven, cheer, give spirit to
  3. plowed but not seeded, inactive
  4. to turn away, make indifferent or hostile
  5. refined in manner or style

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  1. negligibleso unimportant that it can be disregarded


  2. inclementstormy, harsh, severe


  3. harassto set right


  4. redressto disturb, worry, trouble


  5. perpetuateto make permanent or long lasting